Animal Farm Assignment

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Do you anticipate regularly (consciously) supplying positive reinforcement to those you might manage in the future? A. Yes b. No a. Yes 5. Do you anticipate regularly (consciously) supplying negative reinforcement Reinforcement Schedules 1 point each The text indicates that in real life, continuous reinforcement is rare. Sometimes responses are reinforced, sometimes not. Among the most important schedules of partial reinforcement are the fixed ratio (FRR), variable ratio (IVR), fixed interval and variable interval (VI).

Identify the schedule in he examples below by writing your answer?FRR,IVR, VI, or VI. 1 . Buying state lottery tickets and winning 2. A hotel maid may take a 15-minute break only after having cleaned three rooms. 3. Watching and seeing shooting stars on a dark night 4. A teenager receives an allowance every Saturday. 5. Checking the front porch for a newspaper when the delivery person is extremely unpredictable 6. A professional baseball player gets a hit approximately every third time at bat. 7. Checking the oven to see if chocolate chip cookies are done, when baking mime is known 8.

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A blueberry picker receives $1 after filling 3 pint boxes. 9. A charitable organization makes an average often phone calls for every donation it receives. 10. Calling a garage mechanic to see if your car is fixed yet When you have completed Chapter 7 Activity, please save your assignment in rich text format (. RTF) and submit it to the dropped under Chapter 7 Activity. It is recommended that you submit this document with your answers On it as opposed to answering the questions on a blank document.

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