Animal Farm Napoleon Assignment

Animal Farm Napoleon Assignment Words: 557

The Powerful Pig The animals on Animal Farm learned the hard way at the hands of one pig, Napoleon, that a government’s power must be limited, or else it will be corrupt. Napoleon has the support of a majority of the animals on the farm. He also changes in order to maintain his authority. His main goal is to be as controlling as the humans once were. Napoleon is most powerful character on Animal Farm. Some people may say that Boxer has much more support on the farm than Napoleon. However, Napoleon has more animals on his side. Squealer is able to convince most of hem that all of Napoleon’s actions are done for the farm.

When the pigs take the milk and apples, the other individuals get Jealous. Squealer, however, gives a great speech which convinces the population that this will benefit then in the long run. Napoleon also has the support of Boxer the horse. Boxer’s motto “Napoleon is always right! ” gets beasts to do their work without question. Napoleon even has Jessie newborn puppies. They grow into mean, vicious dogs, which scare the others into doing whatever Napoleon Napoleon is able to keep control by changing. At the beginning, he is quiet and aid back.

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He doesn’t even believe in Animalism, the principle of the revolution. He Just watches as Snowball gets control of the farm. Then, as soon as the dogs get big, he attacks. He sends out Snowball. Then, he blames him for everything that goes wrong the farm. Now, he has no competition and he is able to rule as he wishes. He makes Squealer talk on his behalf. He also starts to become more secretive. He makes less and less appearances among the animals. He starts to kill his friends on the farm. He becomes crueler and more ruthless. He did this Just to maintain power. The scary thing is that e succeeded.

Just like a human wants to become omnipotent like God, Napoleon wants to become human. As soon as he becomes ruler of the farm, he moves into Mr.. Jones house. He starts to eat out of bowls. He also begins to sleep in the beds.. He establishes connections with the human farmer in the neighboring farms. Soon after, he sells the hens eggs whisky. This starts to show signs of corruption, typical of a regime. He even starts to drink with the farmers. He then starts to walk on two feet and he also wears Mr.. Jones old clothes. He even changes the farm’s name back to Manor Farm.

Then, at the end, Jessie this revolution was to try to become closer to humans and closer to supreme power. Napoleon is the most powerful character on Animal Farm. He strives to become as close to a human as he can be during the revolution. He also changes during the time of when he is listening to Old Major speak, to when he is the supreme leader of Manor Farm. He is in power because he has a lot of animals who support him, such as Squealer, Boxer, and his dogs. Even though Napoleon was cruel, brutal, and a bad speaker, he was very clever in his pursuit of capturing The Animal Farm.

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