Tradition and Dissent in English Christianity Assignment

Tradition and Dissent in English Christianity Assignment Words: 402

Mary 1 who enforced Catholicism; facing opposition from the smaller group of persuaded protestants and one of which was the Archbishop Crammer and some were burnt at the stake whilst others were sent in exile. The return of the older religious tradition was welcomed, or at least accepted. The fourth stage the establishment and stabilization of the Church of England (1 558 – 1603); when Mary died Elizabeth 1 succeeded to the throne. Henry VIII and Anne Boldly, a convinced Protestant but also a smart politician who wanted religion to unite everyone instead of dividing her subjects.

The church of England’s position was made clear in Protestants terms in the act of uniformity of 1 559 which imposed the use of Protestants forms of prayer contained in the book of prayer and the thirty nine articles of 1563 which indicated the doctrine of the church; also keeping some traditions like the orders of the bishops. Cohn Wolfe, peg 78/79) The differences between the Catholic and Protestants; in Catholic churches the Pope is the head of the church “The pope which means Father Just as Catholics call priest ‘Father’ as the

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Pope represents God Our Father who loves, and has made us and who sent his Son Jesus to die on the cross to save us. (papal visit) For a long time the Catholic church was the main place available for prayers, all was though the same message in the same environment, liking it or not as punishment would mean going to hell; with the doom paintings in the churches reinforcing this belief and that hell is the place you went to if you did wrong to spend eternity there. The first difference was the head of the church.

In Catholic Churches, the pope is the head of the church, and it is lamed that he is a ‘mediator between God and mankind,’ whereas Protestants believe that Jesus is the only man that can take that role, and therefore, have no Pope. The head of a Protestant church is the King. The final difference is the language that the bible was written in. In Catholic churches, the bible was written in Latin, and as a result of that uneducated people, who tended to be poorer, couldn’t read it as they couldn’t speak Latin. However, in Protestant churches, the bible was translated into vernacular so that anyone could read it.

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