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Larry Page Larry (Lawrence) Page, currently CEO of Google Inc. , was born on the 26th of March, 1973 in East Lansing, Michigan. He received his Bachelor of science in computer engineering from Michigan University and a Master of science in computer science from Stanford University. Proficient in computer science and extremely intelligent, he invented Pagerank, a powerful search algorithm that returned highly successful results to users’ queries (Page et al, 1999). Together with his friend Sergey Brin, they founded Google in 1998.

Google soon found itself at the top of search engines and from a small, garage- based company had transformed into a global giant. Google now is a synonym of world’s nol ideal (New York Post, 2011) and most attractive employer (Universum, 2012), employs 53546 people (Google, 2012) and owns numerous offices worldwide. Larry Page’s personal attributes and company’s performance The outstanding growth of the company could not have occurred hadn’t it been for Larry Page. Larry Page had to, and managed to display more traits than Just intelligence (Stogdill, 1974).

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He has exhibited a supportive (Kouzes and Posner, 2002) attitude embedding a “don’t be evil” approach and has been expressing the will that every employee sees Google as a family (CNN, 2012). Google’s employees’ benefits extend to a huge spectrum: presents to the newcomers, free meals, on-site health care, travel insurance for the employees and their families, legal advice and services, family allowance and several days-off to new parents, fitness and gym facilities (Google, 2012) up to a form of pension to the family of a deceased employee (Forbes, 2012).

Moreover, he has been extremely flexible (Huzcynski-Buchanan, 2007) releasing software-based products that directly challenge the company’s competitors. For example, Google Docs, a free online Office tool, appears to be more tempting to use than the expensive Microsoft Office. Likewise, the company’s Internet browser, Google Chrome, now ranks first in the users preference worldwide crushing it’s competitors, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (w3schools, 2012).

In conjunction with the aforementioned he has exhibited the ability to feel the needs of very demanding and changing environment (Goffe, 2002) hence transforming Google from a straight- forward search engine company to a global multimedia, telecommunications and software company. World’s biggest video upload service (Youtube), a mobile telephone giant (Motorola mobility), software like Android OS for smartphones, Google Earth, Google Maps, and an e-mail provider (Gmail) are some of the company’ s ownership and features.

Google has even “invaded” the world of social networking releasing the Google+ platform ignoring the total supremacy of Facebook and sensing it’s saturation. In addition, Google owns Blogger since 2003, one of the biggest blog publishing services. Page, being broad-minded (Kouzes and Pozner, 2002) has also shown an enterpreneurial (Northouse, 2009) attitude investing in renewable energy sources- the well-known Tesla Motor Company (Siliconbeat, 2006) and two North- Dakota wind farms (Wall Street Journal, 2010).

What is more, five years after being founded, Google made another great enterpreneurial step making 2004) and has been oscillating to the 750 dollars price-barrier near the end of 2012 Wall Street Journal, 2012). Moreover, Google’s philanthropic sector, Google. org, has also been promoting the use of hybrid electric cars(Scott, 2008). Larry Page’s demonstrated leadership style, approach and content Google is employing numerous people worldwide and has broadened the spectrum of it’s operations to nearly every aspect of our life.

Daily, millions of people browse the internet using Google Chrome, watch online videos from Youtube, own smartphones operated by Google Android, get travelling directions via Google Maps and Google Earth, advertise their companies y Google AdSense, maintain e-mail accounts at Gmail, are socially active through Google+ or update their blog provided by Blogger. And first, and most of all, use Google. om as their main internet search engine. The examples tend to become endless. Larry Page has adopted several Leadership styles and approaches to lead the Google giant. His transformational approach makes employees highly motivated to the extent that they may even work harder than usual (Bass, 1985). Although Bass questioned the morality of transformational motiva

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