Motivation- Choosing the Most Effective Leadership Style Assignment

Motivation- Choosing the Most Effective Leadership Style Assignment Words: 284

What can more information on the different leadership styles do for managers? What don’t you like about your boss’ leadership style? How do your co-workers feel about your boss’ leadership style? Purpose of study In many organizations today, there is not enough emphasis being placed on the topic of leadership or leadership styles to be more specific by managers in various positions and departments in and around Trinidad and Tobago. My personal reason for discussing this topic is mainly because of my own experiences with poor leadership.

In Trinidad and Tobago, leaders are not given the right answers as to how their leadership styles can be further developed to effectively operate in today’s global economy. Many such leaders do not even realize that their particular leadership style is not as effective as it should be in order to get the best possible results from their employees. For example, leader A may have a very aggressive leadership style or an authoritarian and may be quite successful, but his employees may find it challenging to work under his dominating authority or even address their concerns to him, for fear of being preprinted.

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In contrast, leader B may be a very easy-going leader, who can adapt easily to different situations, but may lack the assertiveness necessary to drive his employees to reach their fullest potential. Therefore, having the correct leadership style on a particular job, on different tasks, or even with various employees, can assist managers in creating a more cohesive work atmosphere, because the employees should be able to appreciate their manager going that ‘extra mile’ to create a more harmonious environment for them to work in.

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