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Management and Leadership of Organizations Unit 1 Individual Project American InterContinental University Details: The internet has created new ways to do business for organizations with much less capital planning as opposed to the high capital needs of traditional brick and mortar organizations. Based on this, how should management and leadership be addressed for each type of business? Research successful traditional and online retailers and address the following issues: Discuss the organizational structure of one traditional and one online retailer.

Identify woo management or leadership challenges for each type of retailer. Are the challenges basically the same or different? In what ways are they the same or how are they different? If you were advising a successful leader in a traditional retailer who was interested in making the transition to working as an online retail organization, what advice would you give? Management and Leadership This paper I will examine the roles and responsibilities of authoritative managers and leaders in advancement and creating an advantageous authoritative ability in a company.

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I will additionally differentiate amid administration ND administration aural an aggregation as able-bodied as call the roles in which both managers and leaders comedy in creating and advancement an advantageous authoritative ability in a company. I will go on to explain how the arch action of administration supports the conception and aliment of an advantageous authoritative ability in a company. Finally, I will achieve with my recommendations that both managers and leaders can use to actuality and advance an advantageous authoritative ability in a company.

The responsibilities of the managers in a company are to overlook employees’ performance, accommodate acknowledgment during advance reviews, and analyze areas of improvements and agent recognition. A company will also have leaders, which are classified as assignments or work leaders. Their duties are to aid advisers like themselves in their circadian job duties. Assignment or work leaders tend to be added accomplished advisers who managers agent this responsibility. Although the two high leaders and management seem to be similar, I can truly tell you they are very different. Someone people maybe a manger but not a true leader.

The definition of a manager is to accept subordinates and leaders accept followers. (Changing Minds) There are dissimilarities with a leader and a manager at each company. They can have very different attitudes on their goals. Whit a manager in a company’s authoritative goals are linked to the ability of the organization based on the four functions of administration such as planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, as with leaders access goals are on a more personal level. Leaders tend to advance his or her own account rather than accommodate to the “Main Objective” of the organization. Leaders accept an abundant access on others.

According to the analysis I have found it states that, “Outstanding leaders connect their strategic substance and effective interpersonal processes to codify and apparatus strategies that produce a result and acceptable aggressive advantage”. Within a company, both managers and aggregation leads have a role in creating and advancement an advantageous authoritative culture. Often, a person can tend to act out of ethnocentrism, which is “the addiction to adjudicator others by the standards of one’s accumulation or culture, which are apparent as superior,” This behavior reflects badly on an organization.

Managers and aggregation leads in a company are declared to reflect the personality of the support the overall goals and the organization. For example, a company, it is important that you accomplish every goal to get a customer’s to have absolutely corporation with an operational person in a proper time frame that you guarantee your customers so that they are happy. To do this involves a lot of maneuverings from several people in the organization. Both managers and leads must take on some activity to ensure this is done. An acceptable leader will help motivate the advisers to want to access and meet this AOL.

This entails the lead of management, which “involves the manager’s efforts to activate high achievement by each employee”. In A company, administering account achievement evaluations on advisers or employees helps each manager by pointing out employees’ strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvements to accredit that agent to grow to be more successful. This supports the conception and aliment of an advantageous organizational culture within the company. This way the advisers or employees can see where they are and what area they need to change to be affective in the organization’s goal.

The leading action of administration “involves the manager’s efforts to activate high achievement by employees”. In an organization, this is handled by administering account evaluations of each advisers and having daily team meetings to communicate tasks that are being followed and completed to be sent to high management. This is additionally how administration supports the conception and aliment of an advantageous organizational culture in a company. Recommendations for managers who demand to be leaders are to appearance compassion. To be a leader a person needs to see the world as an opportunity to change.

They need to accept the employees’ dilemmas. Respect the assessment of the advisers and accomplish decisions that will be acceptable not only for them but the company as well. Leaders should not be acquisitive or selfish. They need to accept the amount of sharing, and perceive their success is the effect of the efforts of every individuals. In conclusion I have shown you the different aspects between a manager and a leader in a company. With a new concept and a diverse world of business it is very necessary to implement both the managerial skills with he leadership skills in order to create new ideas.

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