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He graduated from Michigan university with a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering and later followed in his parents footsteps and went on to study computer engineering at Stanford university, where he met his partner Sergey Bring (Weinstein, 2011).

In their research project at the university, together they developed a search engine which listed desired results on the basis of popularity. The search engine was named Google as the term means, 1 followed by 100 mathematics (Weinstein, 2011). Their aim was to provide maximum information available on WWW on typing certain key words. Soon, they gathered enough money to finance the project which eventually was launched In 1998 (Weinstein, 2011). Since then, there has been no turning back because Google Is the most popular search engine in the world, with over 250 million inquiries a day.

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The company is located in Silicon Valley, California and the first initial public offering (PIP) was made in 2004, which made both partners billionaires. Currently, Page is the CEO of the company and recently purchased Youth for $1. 65 billion, which is the most popular entertainment website for watching videos (Weinstein, 2011). The surprising growth of the company is credited to the fantastic leadership of Larry Page and he has been able to show more qualities rather than just his intelligence.

His approach is clear and simple towards his employees; for example, he is compassionate, humane, and treats the company as a family. He cares of his employees by providing gifts to new hires, free meal times, free medical, travel assurance for employees and their families, legal assistance, maternity leave, gaming, gyms, pension for dependents of deceased employees and many other services (Carlson, 2011). Furthermore, Larry has been very flexible with making the products His style of leading is an example for anyone who is looking to start his own business.

Some of Lorry’s important strategies are: Pay Close Attention to Silly Concepts and Cultivating the Best Out of Them- Page always insisted that his employees to work on crazy ideas. He believed that these ideas can bring change around the world by attracting intelligent people to work towards the success of the individual. Ideas like Towards and Google search engine invented by Page and his team made millions (Carlson, 2011). Build Your Own Team- Larry built his own team. He hired most of his employees from Stanford or Michigan who has stayed with him throughout the vision. Be Persistent- Larry persistent helped create the Google’s book digitization project, Google Maps and many other products. Give Importance to Small Details- Larry insisted his team pay attention to small details. These small details are reading a new workforce as well as user base for the company which in long-term will prove the reputation of Google (Carlson, 2011). Quick and Concise- Page aimed at creating a working culture that is quicker and concise. He takes 60 words updates from his employees on all the projects on which they are working (Carlson, 2011).

The biggest strength of Larry Page is that, his employees have full trust and confidence in his business strategies. They respect him and love him, not only as their CEO but as a person. Most of his employees say that, Larry is unquestionably a read visionary whose vision is much stronger than anyone in the computer industry. He has been defined as a person with extraordinary mind and intelligence; but no matter what, he is an honest person. His visions and concepts are different and remarkable compared to others in the industry and he is the vital force behind Google.

He is the inside tyrant of Google, provides the ambition required to motivate the employees, is open-minded in his business approach, has eagerness and passion for innovations and can’t be undermined (Carlson, 2011). Although Larry is a rueful leader and the brains behind Google, he has some weaknesses that need to be overcome. First, Larry is not always focused and it is always said that when Eric Schmidt former CEO would call meetings, Larry along with his partner Sergey Bring, would sit and concentrate on something else rather than the agenda at hand.

Eric would have to remind Larry and Sergey to divert their attention back to meeting in order to cover important facts. Larry is not the traditional CEO because; he’s not interested in the deep processes of the company, not a discipline person, does things s he wishes, doesn’t like to attend meetings on time, does not abide by schedules, remains aloof most of the time, known to be an introvert, is media shy and his aloofness has made him a rebel which is why he will follow the wackiest of any idea (Carlson, 2011).

Larry is known to be a principled man and his main business concept is based on his ideology of “Don’t be Evil” (Helot, 2012). The title implies that Larry doesn’t want his company or employees connected to his company to engage in any dishonest activity that will bring harm and shame in any way to the company. The Google digitization project team was started to scan every book so that it was available to everyone, which was a great option for everyone, and shows his nature to help everyone.

Google has an abundance of information about everyone; therefore, it becomes a responsibility to be ethical. Page once said in an interview that, search engines play a dominant role in people’s life as they show what information should however Larry maintains there will always be some information which some people might not like to see or hear. But, he has always taken an ethical decision by splaying information which is right and should be seen as well as encouraging his employees to do what is ethical as well (Helot, 2012).

Larry personality is what one considers a computer geek. He highly reserved and is not connected to any social media like Backbone or Twitter because his personal values don’t appreciate connections to the mentioned sites. He is extremely intelligent and can foresee a situation in advance. People often mix Larry shyness with a mental impairment, which he has never bothered dealing with such criticism and has demonstrated with gig levels of intuitive power because of he has been able to develop many innovative and creative products.

He is highly confident with his business ideas, not easily convenience unless he extracts the best of his an idea and be reversed, perceptive, thoughtful and observing. Because of these qualities, Larry is known as an excellent CEO and always strives to improve his company, its products and employees. As the CEO, he has listed some organizational values which are listed below: Concentrate on the customer It is the best interest of the individual

Being quick is better than being sluggish Web equality is fair Don’t sit at your desk all the time, find a solution Money can be made easily Always stay hungry Accessing information does not require crossing borders One can be serious without wearing a suit Great work is not Just good enough; strive for excellence (Levy, 2011). The philosophy of Larry Page reflects his personal and organization values. His ideas are fresh and are more likely to create a positive environment for the entire company; thus his values are important to others who are clear on what they want to achieve.

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