Academic vs Casual Tone Assignment

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Appendix A (draft) Hey angela– I just started at university of phoenix and let me tell ya they have so many diff. things u can use to help u along the way… the university library is HUGE! And its packed full of useful stuff. Theres a section u can search for articles for a paper u may have. They even have a whole list of encyclopedias and dictionaries right at ur fingertips. The center for writing excellence offers us guides on how to write better and tutorials on writting papers and even resumes. here is also a placeu can submit papers to be reveiwed for grammar errors and it will even generate reference citations if needed. This tool will also put comments where ur paper can b improved!!!! Theres even a section that u can have ur papers checked for plagerisim so u can be sure that all ur work is original. best of all its done pretty fast! There is also the center for mathmatics excellencewhich has plenty of tutoring (we both know i need it LOL) to help freshen up or even teach u math skills u may lack or need 2 brush up on.

The CME even can help u with math anxiety. I am looking forward to all that the university has to offer!! You should def. check it out!!! Jamie??? (Final) I am so happy that I have started the University of Phoenix, and their Online Learning System is wonderful. First off let me start out by saying that UOP’s Library is full of information to help you in your educational journey. There is a search engine that will allow you to search a certain subject you may need for a paper.

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They even have a section that has a whole list of Encyclopedias and Dictionaries right at your fingertips. The Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) offers students guides on writing better, and tutorials on writing papers, and even resumes. WritePoint is a place you can submit papers to be reviewed for grammar errors, and it will even generate citations if needed. WritePoint will also show you in text where your paper can be improved.

There is even a section that you can have your paper reviewed for plagiarism, so you can be confident that all your work is original. Best of all it is done in a matter of seconds. There is also the Center for mathematics Excellence (CME) which has plenty of tutoring available and extra help to freshen up on math skills that you may lack or need to brush up on. The CME even can help you with any math anxiety you may have. I am looking forward to all that the University of Phoenix has to offer.

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