Tone and Outline Assignment

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By creating an outline first, its easier to decide whether or not you’re clearly communicating your point. Outlines can help you write your topic. The outline will help you visualize how ideas fit within the thesis statement that is taking shape in your mind. You can also figure out which areas you might need to research information or get visuals. Of course, you can figure out what information to use as well. An outline can help you break down your subject into manageable topics that is more focused. Tone

Tone is really important in the story since it gives more meaning into what you are reading. It is like a feeling of a book or a story that gives off, more like energy. Tone is also sometimes confused with voice, which can be explained as the author’s personality expressed in writing. Tone and voice are two features of writing that goes together to create the style for a piece of writing. Tone is the attitude a writer has towards the subject they’re writing about, where you can describe what the story is, whether it sounds like depressed, excited, or intense.

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You can analyze tone by looking up imagery language. This is descriptive language that reveals what the author or character thinks and feels about what’s happening. One of the important things to analyze is how the author uses words to communicate to the story. The author will choose words according to the connotations, that is suggested by a word, in order to reveal to the reader, the author’s attitude toward the subject.

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