Clean, Well-Lighted Place tone and style Assignment

Clean, Well-Lighted Place tone and style Assignment Words: 265

Hemingway has a distinct writing style in a sense that he chooses his words carefully. He is economic in his word choice, so readers must take into consideration the adjectives and adverbs he uses, as he deploys them rarely. His style is simple and laconic, yet effective. Through his use of simple words and short sentences, he delivers the message powerfully and point on rather than employing descriptive, flowery language (as what his Victorian predecessors used).

He is also said to be the aster of dialogue, using this mode to characterize and narrate most of the story, as was evident in “A Clean Well-Lighted Place”. Aside from the style and dialogue, another thing to take note about the story is that his tone is dispassionate and unemotional. The writer himself does not even comment on or Judge his characters at all. In the line “”You should have killed yourself last week,” he [the waiter] said to the deaf man. Hemingway did not add any additional adjectives or adverbs for momentary like for example instead of writing, “he said harshly’ or “he said cruelly he Just used a simple “he said”. The tone also adds to the theme of facing nothingness with dignity. The narrator is talking about oblivion in a detached, apathetic way which gives the reader the Impression that the nothingness affects the waiter enough for him to mention it, but his tone suggests he is bold enough to face the issue in dignified, dismissive way; I. E. After all, he said to himself, It’s probably only insomnia.

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