Osmosis and diffusion lab report Assignment

Osmosis and diffusion lab report Assignment Words: 276

Introduction: The purpose of experiment 1 was to demonstrate the principle of simple diffusion and understand how to make % solutions. Exercise 2 demonstrated the principle of osmosis: observing the movement of water by osmosis from an area of lower concentration of a solute to an area of higher concentration of a solute. Materials and Method: Refer to pages 47-51 of Bio LOLL Lab Manual. Results/ Discussion: The effect of the chloride ion on its rate of diffusion in agar means it will diffuse faster because it is more concentrated.

We graphed the diffusion of chloride ions rather than sodium ions because while the sodium ions do diffuse in to the agar the chloride ions from the Niacin will combine with silver ions, from Again and create a white precipitate. The white precipitate allows us to measure the the white band through the agar at different points and determine the rate of diffusion of the chloride ions. If the the agar concentration was increased 10% the rate of chloride ion diffusion would most likely decrease since it would be a denser gel.

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The rate of osmosis for tube 1 was 0 g/her, tube 2 was 1. 13 g/her, tube 3 was 3. 63 g/her, tube 4 was 6. 39 g/her, and tube 5 was 7. 51 g/her. The rate of osmosis depends on the concentration of sucrose the water will move from a lower concentration to a higher concentration. The factors that could have contributed to any errors in measurements, are incorrect petting, gives you less or more of the required amount needed in the dialysis bags, and will change the mass of each bag that is to be recorded.

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