The Criminal Justice System Assignment

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Some people may think playing music too loud is a crime, but in many areas, his is not the case; it can Just be annoying. Theories Behind Crime Studying human behavior and patterns can lead to some great theories as to why people commit crimes, as well as statistics and trends. Figuring out why the crimes are committed will help the criminal Justice system lower the crime rates. It could be sociological, social process, biological, psychological, or Just classical. Someone can be affected by their surroundings, whether it is the community, they live in or peer pressure.

In addition, someone’s genetics can have an influence on his or her behaviors. That person could suffer from a mental illness that causes irrational behaviors. There are also the individuals that Just want to do it on their own free will (Schmeltzer, 2011, p. 80). Components of the System There are three main components of a criminal Justice system the police, the criminal courts, and the correctional agencies. Every component has their own functions that show how they contrite to the main cause of crime fighting. When they all perform their duties, they form the criminal Justice system.

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The police are the law enforces. They are the first defense when it comes to trying to prevent crime. Their Job is to keep the community safe. If a crime does occur, they are the ones that investigate the crime. After doing their investigations they apprehend the potential offenders (Schmeltzer, 2011, p. 17). By doing their Jobs they help keep crimes from occurring which eventually lowers the crime rates. After a suspect is apprehended, they go through the criminal courts. In here, fair and impartial trials are conducted (Schmeltzer, 2011, p. 7). The courts follow the due process and decide whether the individual is innocent or guilty, and if found guilty they are given their sentencing (Schmeltzer, 2011, p. 17). Criminal courts are UT in place to uphold the law, but to also respect each individual that comes through their doors. Finally, after the hearings are done in the courtroom, the guilty parties are detained in correctional agencies (Schmeltzer, 2011, p. 17). Here is where people carry out their sentences. These places are a good way to help rehabilitate the individuals.

Under constant supervisions, not only does it keep the offenders safe but also the community. Goals of the system There are five main goals the criminal Justice seeks for; they are deterrence, retribution, incapacitation, rehabilitation, and restoration. Deterrence is defined as hen they try to prevent crimes from happening through fear (University, 2014). There are two main types of deterrence, specific and general. Specific deterrence, is when an individual is caught committing a crime and goes through their punishments, which leads to them learning from their mistakes (University, 2014).

General deterrence is where other individuals watch someone commit a crime and see the punishments, which ultimately leads them from committing the same offence (University, 2014). One of the longest standing goals is retribution. This is where people want the offender punished for committing their crime. There are several ways one can be punished for different crimes. They vary from incarceration, victim compensation, fines paid to public agencies, community services, or public humiliation or embarrassment (University, 2014).

Punishing someone for his or her crimes is like a learning tool. If someone does not like their punishment, it may lead them to think, “l do not want to do that again”. Incapacitation is also a goal. This goal is a one of the desires on the retribution goal. It simply means removing the offender from the public; incarcerate (University, 2014). Removing dangerous individuals, help keeps the public a little safer and it TTS the community minds at ease some. After some time the offenders can begin the rehabilitation goal.

This goal is to try to teach them how to fit back into the community, without breaking any more laws (University, 2014). Finally yet importantly is the restoration goal. Crime takes its toll on many individuals and the community. After everything is said and done, all people want is closure. The damage done between the offender and individual needs repaired, along with the offender and the community (University, 2014). Conclusion After all the components and procedures of the criminal Justice system is allowed, is it really a system?

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