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LIBRA the Criminal Justice should focus more on rehabilitation rather than punishment. First Negative Speaker A pleasant day ladies and gentlemen! First of all crime is a moral wrong that confers upon society a duty to punish and to set up institutions to facilitate punishment. The punishment, which must match the crime, is an ipso facto (by its very nature) moral good. Meaning to say, criminals which is penalized by the proper punishment is a good moral act.

Now the purpose of criminal punishment includes resolving issues of retribution or revenge, Deterrence or public education, Incapacitation, Rehabilitation. . Issues of retribution or revenge, when a man commits a crime there is always a victim. It may outrage the victim and/or society for revenge. Therefore another crime can take place if the desire for revenge is not reduced. If society provides an adequate punishment, the need for an individual to seek revenge personally is diminished and providing incentive to seek retribution through law enforcement. . Deterrence or public education. Imposing a penalty for a criminal act is also intended to deter that person from repeating the act. Also, when the penalties are well known and there is public assimilation of penalties for a particular crime, it is expected that others who might contemplate the crime would be deterred from engaging in the prohibited activity. 3. Incapacitation Jail or prison terms generally lengthen with the seriousness of the crime. The longer sentences serve the ends of revenge and deterrence, and serve another purpose.

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The longer a person is in custody, the less opportunity that person has to commit new crimes. This is particularly true of repeat offenders. When an offender has not been deterred by prior penalties, protection of potential victims from that offender becomes an important consideration. 4. Rehabilitation There is also a value that every human life has meaning and worth. A belief exists that a spark of good is in everyone, even those who break society’s laws.

With that thought in mind, places that were previously known as Jail or prison have become Bureau of Correction. Ladies and Gentlemen rehabilitation is a purpose of punishment, therefore if we focus more on one purpose, it might mitigate the effectively of the punishment, because the criminal Justice is less concerned on the punishment. The status quo provides the LIBRA The Criminal Justice Should Focus More On Rehabilitation Rather Than Punishment By incarcerating

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