The Criminal Justice System Assignment

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Criminal Justice System Strayed University Juanita Murphy July 8, 2011 The criminal Justice system is very important to our everyday life. In order for the society to feel some kind of safety within their community all the core components are necessary. The core components of the American criminal Justice system are law enforcement, criminal courts, and correctional agencies (Schmeltzer, 2011). According to Francis Bacon, “If we do not maintain Justice, Justice will not maintain us” (Schmeltzer, 2011, p. 17).

This statement is very true, as a citizen it is our civil duty to uphold our Justice system.. Www. JP. Judos. Gob This chart is broken up into five different colors per section, but it still coincides with what is learned in the text book. The light color blue is the law enforcement area. Our law enforcement is used to protect our society. They enforce the law, make the arrest, and start the investigations need for the criminal to proceed to the next steps (Schmeltzer, 2011). Police are sometimes viewed as the enemy in a lot of cases, but there are police out there that do follow protocol and are here for the community’s est. interest.

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The Ana blue, purple, and orange is the court system. The criminal court system is to give every individual a fair opportunity to plead guilty or not guilty. The court is also a place where criminal cases are decided upon, the sentencing is given to the guilty, and the assurance of due process (Schmeltzer, 2011, p. 17). The court system is looked upon as a place where Justice is served, but we may all feel that the Justice system at one point has failed us. Lastly is the yellow section of the chart. This area is the part where the convicted spends their time for committing a rime.

Our correctional faculties are to protect us from all the criminals that the law enforcement and the court system have found to be guilty. The correctional agencies also have to keep the inmates safe from other inmates, and also supervision is provided (Schmeltzer, 2011). There are also times where the offenders serve their time and then released back into society, so the correctional agencies provided them different opportunities to make them more successful in life (Schmeltzer, 2011). There are also two important models that are within the criminal Justice system, and hey are the consensus and conflict models.

The consensus model is when all the core components of the criminal Justice system works together. As the text states,” the system is smooth due to the cooperation between the various components of the system,

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