Criminal Justice System: An Overview Assignment

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After that pendant will either enter into a jail or prison to serve their time or be placed on probation or alternative to incarcerating. Once being sentenced defendants can share issues, some can be ethical concern regarding how our judicial system is functioning. Ethical concerns come within the judicial system which can be range from discretion, use of force, corruption and police misconduct. These concerns are definitely affecting our judicial system and how it can impact the system as the whole from convicted to the outsider who can lose respect and faith on our government.

Some of the areas have increasing women and crime. Through the years the umber has been rising when it comes to women being incarcerated as the length of their incarceration. Women in this day and time are committing serious accesses which are giving lengthy prison terms, even life imprisonment. Young ladies are going front of the judge as a minor offenses for drugs and theft. A. Overview of the Criminal Justice System Name, define and discuss the roles of the three main components of the criminal justice system. Choose the component you think is the most effective and discuss why.

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Then, choose the component you feel is the least effective and needs to be changed. Discuss the specific changes you would make to he chosen component and why these changes would make it more effective if implemented. The criminal justice system component law enforcement I will be discussing on is the law enforcement which the officers take reports for crimes that happen in their area. Also officers investigate crimes and gather and protect evidence. They also officer may arrest offenders, give testimony during the court, and conduct follow-up investigation if needed.

The second components I will be speaking about are correction which officers supervise convicted offenders when they are in jail, in prison, or in community on probation or parole. Few communities, corrections officers prepare pre- sentencing reports with extensive background information about the offender to help judges on making sentences. Job of corrections officers is to make sure the facilities that hold offenders are secure and safe. They oversee the day-to day custody of inmates. Oversee the release process for inmates and sometimes notify victims of changes in the offender’s Status. Reverting and controlling conduct and behavior which can be threatening to life and property, helping those in danger of physical harm and creating and maintaining a feeling of security in communities. Under the United States Supreme Court Weeks v. United States the Fourth Amendment, Federal courts and officers are limitations and restraints in the exercise of their power and authority to secure the individual, their persons, houses, papers and effects against all unreasonable searches and seizures under the guise of law.

Police effectiveness, is the fear of crime and punitive attitudes are important aspect of public attitudes toward crime and justice in the United States. Police strategies reflect departmental values that reflect community values. Police may influence decisions to report crime. Fear of crime and punitive attitudes can influence policy making and law making by government agencies, as public support or opposition may determine policy. The police effectiveness is confidence in police for the ability to protect, solve and prevent crime. Correction system is the most tightly organized component of the state’s criminal justice system.

Most criminal offenses involving substantial incarceration are classified as state crimes that are punishable by serving time in state jails and prisons. Preventing first contact with the justice system requires us to focus on developmental issues and risk and protective factors, ND orient approaches toward positive youth development. Prevent recidivism, develop and enhance strategies that provide education and vocational training to inmates and former inmates. Improve strategies address the underlying illnesses that plague numerous inmates and former inmates. Onto always think law enforcement is effective because sometime witness forget what happen or people get scared to speak on crimes. Think they should always put witness in custody and also watch them and make sure they are okay at all times. I think testimony should sometime be exclusive from everyone. I think the most effectives component is corrections because they are watching over them 24/7. B. Nature and purpose Of Criminal Law The nature of criminal law crime is conduct that, to have taken place, will result in a format and solemn pronouncement of moral condemnation by the community.

The purpose criminal law prohibits conduct that causes or threatens the public interest; defines and warns people of the acts that are subject to criminal punishment; distinguishes between serious and minor offenses and imposes punishment to protect society and to satisfy the demands for retribution, rehabilitation, and deterrence. The nature and purpose for promulgating criminal laws is for the keeping and maintenance of peace and order. Professor Henry M. Hart Jar. Defines crime as “conduct which, if shown to have taken place” will result in the formal and sole man pronouncement Of the moral condemnation Of the community. Basically crime is formal condemnation which judge and jury representing the individual in a court of law. Different crime from acts numerous people would find objectionable that typically are not subject to state prosecution and official punishment. The main purpose criminal law is to help maintain social order and stability. Texas criminal code proclaims the purpose of criminal law to “establish a system of prohibitions, penalties, and correctional measures to deal with conduct that unjustifiably and inexcusably causes or threatens harm to people or public interest for state protection is appropriate. The Supreme Court explained that “commonality requires the plaintiff to demonstrate that the class members have suffered the same injury” not “merely that they have all suffered a violation Of the same provision Of law. C. Managing and Reducing Risk of Community Corrections Community correction is an alternative to incarceration. By moving the function of corrections back into the community, how can we, both as members of society and members of the criminal justice system, manage an. Reduce the risk to the community?

Community corrections are alternative option to incarceration, the person is still serving their punishment, gives them an option to do so but not behind bars in a prison or jail. Community correction alleviates prison overcrowding give individuals the opportunity to rehabilitate. There are more resources programs available than those within the prison. Managing community correction from a criminal justice is requires the staff privies the offenders, investigate possible rule infractions, and take action to address serious or repeated rule violation (Boom Haley 2007).

Community should get involve to help guide them down the right path, more proactive in helping rehabilitate, rather than being judgmental and assuming a criminal always a criminal. Employers will not hire criminals which are against their policy, they still have someone working form them have never had a case on them in comparison to one who has. In the State of Florida, within five years the prison rate rose 19. 8, from 81 ,974 to 98, 1 92, if this keeps up by 2012 we ill be looking at around 125,000 inmates.

This will require them to house them all in at least 1 9 facilities which will cost approximately $2. 12 billion dollars to build and $61 3 million to operate them annually, all because of the recidivism rates. That is extremely way too much money when we are under recession (vow. Dc. State. FL. Us). Community correction programs not successful, the offenders are being released and become repeat offenders and finding their way back in prison. Not everyone who is given this opportunity to be in a community correction program takes advantage of the reveille.

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