The Criminal Justice System Assignment

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The Criminal Justice System ??? The aggregate of all operating and administration or technical support agencies that performs criminal justice functions. The criminal justice system consists of three components: * The Police * Criminal Courts * Correctional Agencies The role of the justice system is to respond in the name of society when crimes are committed. The??three components agencies all work together to ensure that justice is carried out. None of these three components operates independently of the others. If someone is arrested by the police, their??guilt or nnocence is determined by the courts, and any potential punishment after conviction is handled by the corrections system. The consensus model assumes that these three components of the justice system work together to achieve justice. The conflict model assumes that system’s components function primarily to serve their own interests, making justice a product of conflict??among the police, courts, and correctional agencies. This model also, often pressures for success, promotion, pay increases, and general accountability detached the efforts of the system as a whole,??leading to a criminal justice non-system. Both models let us know that these gencies have a variety of functions at all levels. The local, state and federal level are linked closely for the term system to have in mind as a purpose. The core components of the??criminal justice system and their functions The Police * Enforce the law * Investigate crimes * Apprehend offenders * Reduce & prevent crime * Maintain public order * Ensure community safety * Provide emergency & related community services * Protect the fundamental rights & freedoms of individuals Criminal Courts ?? Conduct fair & impartial trials ?? ?? Decide criminal cases Ensure due process ?? Determine guilt or innocence ?? Uphold the law ?? Requires fairness throughout the justice process ???? Protect the rights & freedoms of anyone facing processing by??the justice system ?? ?? Provide a check on the exercise of power by other justice system agencies

Correctional Agencies ????Carry out sentences imposed by the courts ?? Provide safe??and humane custody??and supervision of offenders ?? Protect the community ?? Rehabilitate, reform & reintegrate convicted offenders back into the community ?? Respect the legal and human rights of the convicted Depending on state laws, each state divides responsibilities among its cities and various agencies in each jurisdiction. Each city has a local sheriff, which is the chief law enforcer of each county. It’s main responsibility includes: 1. Serving warrants 2. Providing bailiffs to the courts . Administering the local jail Local law enforcement officers mostly deal with misdemea- nor violations. Individuals who commit misdemeanors are arrested and placed in a local jail. The state law enforcement performs specialized activities such as maintaining the safety of state??roads and highways and issues driver’s licenses. The main responsibility of the court is to conduct fair and impartial trials. When a criminal is convicted, the courts house inmates in the state prison system. However, because of overcrowding??in the state prisons, some inmates end up being ut in local jails. Once a offender enters the corrections system, a correctional agency is responsible for carrying out a sentence that is imposed by the courts. A state prison is where an offender serves time in??various levels of confinement for their crimes. Correctional duties include, supervision, custody, treatment and training inmates that is confined in a correctional facility. References_ Criminal Justice Today; Frank Schmalleger Vermont Department of Corrections Human Resources Development Unit A Vermont Government Website

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