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Up to this point, I feel I have a decent grasp pertaining to the true meaning of criminal Justice. Criminal justice is meant to prevent crime from commencing for the most part, leading people to believe that there will be consequences for their illegal actions no matter how minor or major they may be. In a sense it’s the way that we deal with crime, and criminals whether it be issuing a citation, or arresting them and setting them up to face more serious charges in the court of law.

To make sure the laws are being enforced, there are three levels to the criminal Justice system. These three include law enforcement, courts, and finally corrections. In unison, these three prevent and punish illegal or deviant behavior. The law enforcement branch happens to be the one we see on a daily basis and most frequent. Police officers are typically the first line of defense. Officers patrol communities, investigate crimes, and arrest those suspected of committing crimes.

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Court systems take the responsibility to sentence and punish those accused of breaking the law. Correction officers are those responsible to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch in prisons, and are the defensive unit that break up altercations between inmates if they arise at any moment. Criminal Justice is used for upholding social order and control, mitigating crimes, and punishing those who violate laws with criminal punishment or penalties. What Vie already learned regarding criminal Justice Just about covers it all I feel.

I know the crimes that are punishable by law, and happens once you’re found guilty of omitting that offence in court. Criminal Justice is in place to keep the peace, and to charge everyone the same, not giving favoritism based on race, class, gender, rich or poor, but as a human like everyone else. To me, Justice in a concise definition would be handing out punishments for committing a crime. I know now that police officers are in place to detain people who commit crimes, and that courts are then used to administer an acceptable punishment to fit that crime.

I know that correction acclivities and officers are in place to patrol the criminals while they’re detained in prison, and to make sure that they abide by the prison rules, and to stop violent outbreaks if, or when they happen to commence. To sum it all together I look at criminal Justice as punishments handed out to civilians who commit crime. The Justice systems aims to keep all of the members of society safe, so that all citizens can go about daily life in peace and have a sense of What is Criminal Justice By bankrolls 995 protection of those who need it.

Do I feel it is perfect and has no flaws, no. I think there is a lot of room for improvement within this system. Some law officials end up going beyond their power and abusing it, and such people need to be dealt with properly. With a few minor adjustments, I feel this system can last, and succeeded within society, and eventually can lead to a reduce crime rate amongst society. Criminal Justice is used to enforce the standards of conduct necessary to protect individuals in society, and this system provides adequate services that prove the system to be feasible.

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