The Criminal Justice System: Fighting Crime Assignment

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The government structure applies to the criminal Justice system comprised an agencies at the federal state an as local level. The criminal Justice system is known as the collection of the federal, state and local public agencies these systems deal with crime problem that we have . Agencies are known for process suspects’ defendants and they also convicted offenders. Criminal Justice agencies provide funding ,fix sentences and define crimes the legislature and both of the state and federal . People offend crime in criminology it explains why it is still an ongoing debate on how the system should handle crime and should be prevented .

There a short of ideas that help the system select their crime. Most people act out of self-interest and make uncaused for decision to commit crime mean while after the way their theories of crime it gets weighing the potential risk of getting punishment or caught. In my option I assume from the ritual theory the person (criminal) is acting Out because of his choices are really constrained. The rimming Justice system is a set of agencies and process that is through the government that control crime and penalties or people who violate the laws .

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The state criminal Justice system only handle the crime that goes on in their own state boundaries . The Federal criminal Justice system can handle crimes that are committed on federal property and more than one state. How the criminal Justice system work the first thing is to make a report either from a victims a witness or and other parties second in the process the law enforcement have to Investigate the rime try to find out is that the right person is that enough evidence to arrest a person telling the truth .

Third is the citation or arrest the officers has enough evidence they can process the criminal, if they don’t have enough evidence to process or give a citation the case remains open . The goals to criminal Justice preventing crime and achieving Justice . Preventing crime and can be challenging sometimes but law enforcement make it their goals to prevent crime . They do community activity

The Criminal Justice System: Fighting Crime By Kevin go the extra mile to achieve Justice police men and other law enforcement put crime together. In conclusion my thoughts on the criminal Justice system is a system that’s how we figure out the ways to solve crimes, help people if we didn’t have the criminal justice system the world would be all screwed up unrecognized. References Cliffs notes. (05/12/2005). Retrieved from http://www. Client??les. Com www. Owe. Com. (1995, summer). Notes. Retrieved from http://www. Owe. Com

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