Sex in Advertising Assignment

Sex in Advertising Assignment Words: 437

Each advertiser implied their product could improve one’s lifestyle. The first commercial was for Herbal Essence shampoo. This commercial is a contributor to the adage “sex sells. ” To sell their shampoo, the advertiser uses a beautiful woman who is moaning, “yes, yes, yes! ” while washing her hair in the shower to make their product more appealing. The advertisers assume that when other women see this beautiful woman moaning while washing her hair in the shower, they will believe that using the shampoo is comparable to an orgasmic experience.

The next ad was for Lucky jeans. The advertisers clearly play on the word “luck)/’ to manipulate the consumer’s perception in order to market their jeans more effectively. The magazine ad features an interaction between a young man and woman. The man is ogling the woman’s breasts. He is looking at her, she is looking at the viewer, and the tagging reads, “Get Lucky. ” The implication is that if one wears Lucky jeans, one just might get lucky. The other commercial was for Aqua did Tioga perfume.

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The commercial features a beautiful woman running through a rainforest’s in lingerie. Also predominant in this commercial is the use of water. With waves crashing in the distance and the crisp blue water matching the woman’s eyes fills the picture in another scene of the commercial, there are very few women in this oral who would not want to look like this woman. Advertisers use sexual and erotic imagery in an attempt to connect owning their perfume with being as flawless and as sexy as the woman used to promote it.

Advertisers clearly believe in the power of physical attractiveness to persuade because models used in television commercials and magazines tend to be physically attractive far beyond the norm in society. This is apparently based on the belief that consumers tend to listen more closely to messages delivered by someone who is physically attractive. While sex itself is appealing, it serves several reposes in advertising. The main purpose is to influence the consumer to purchase their product.

Sexuality in advertising can be misleading because it persuades the consumer to purchase the product for reasons other than what the actual product was designed for. Before purchasing the product, the consumers should ask themselves “do I really need this product,” and “will this product actually give the results that are portrayed by the advertisement? ” It is important to keep in mind that an advertiser will probably show the consumer what they want to see to sell a product.

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