The Storming of the Bastille Assignment

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The Storming of the pastille was the famous day on July 14, 1789 where a huge Mob of hungry enraged blood thirsty peasants came marching to the pastille for Weapons and Prisoners that were imprisoned by king Louis XVI. What would make a Mob of angry peasants want to attack building right out the blue? What made all these Peasants so angry was the unfair and extreme taxation that middle class in the lower got from the king of the time Louis XVI. However that wasn’t problem they were mad at. The Middle Class was also mad at all the Spending the King had done that made the classes get taxed so much.

The Pastille was attacked because the people of all the people that lived in Paris at the time believed that the pastille was the symbol of Power and Brutality and also absolute monarchy. However it was also attacked because of the Weapons and ammunition stored within the Pastille. The people of France were tired of being treated unfairly and tired of not being able to voice there opinions during the time period. What they really wanted was to be equal with one another. They wanted life, liberty, and fraternity. Sadly the only way they thought they could get what they wanted was escorting to violence and that was the storming of the pastille.

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At the time the pastille was attacked there was only a few soldiers guarding it. These soldiers included 110 troops that guarded the castle. Due to the Lack of the Guards Guarding the Pastille the Pastille was overwhelmed and taken over with cost of many deaths. This event the Storming of the Pastille Played great role in an event called the French Revolution and matter a fact it was the event that started the revolution, mostly because there was a lot of aftermath the happened after this event. The Storming of pastille represented the victory of the French people o the Monarchy and was the first real major challenge to monarchy.

In the end of this event it threw France into a state of imbalance that they called the reign of terror. The Reason I choose this Scene is because it was entering point into the French revolution. It seemed without this event hipping the France wouldn’t have lost the Monarchy, the amount as people they did, and the loyalty of the people as fast as state did or as tragic as did. Also choose this event because to make my Diorama because I thought it would have been a great Diorama to make and very easy to make. I also thought this scene would be very fun to do.

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