French Revolution Webquest Assignment

French Revolution Webquest Assignment Words: 496

Why did the Third Estate meet on a tennis court? 10. Looking at the quote by Mounted on the right side of the weapon, what did the member pledge to do? 1 1 . What was the significance of the Tennis Court Oath? 12. Examine the sketch by J. L. David at http://en. Wisped. Org/wick/ File:Serpent_du_Jew_De_puma. Jpg How does the sketch make you feel? Consider the 3 men in the center of the image, the man on the table, the lighting, etc. Be specific and describe the significance of this sketch. The People Rage http://www. Assortment. Com/storming-pastille-61070. HTML 13.

What day do the French celebrate their Independence Day? What is the name for this day? 14. What did the people of Paris want from the Pastille? 15. What did they Pastille represent? 16. How did the people open the gates of the Pastille? 17. Although only 7 prisoners were released, what did the storming of the Pastille French Revolution Websites By Alyssa 100 accomplish? Declaration of Rights of Man http://library. Thinkers. Org/C006257/revolution/declaration_rights. SHTML 18. According to the Declaration of the Rights of Man, what were governments to be based on? 19.

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Where did many of the ideas from the Declaration come from? The “Little Corsican” http://www. BBC. Co. UK/history/historic_figures/Bonaparte_napoleon. SHTML 20. Where and when was Napoleon born? 21 . What type of school did he attend? 22. His first major command was in where he forced the to 1799. 24. What surrender. 23. He became First Consul as a result off were 4 reforms he made as emperor? 25. Which 3 countries were at war with Napoleonic France in 1803? 26. In 1810, Napoleon’s personal life changed. How and why? 27. What were the two defeats that led to Napoleon’s losing Paris and exile? 8. Where was he exiled to, and how long did e remain there before returning to France? 29. Which battle ended his brief second reign? 30. Where was he sent to remain until he died? What year was his death? Http:// www. Napoleonic. Com/leaders_napoleon. HTML (continue to click “more” on the bottom of page in order to find more information) 31 . What happened to Napoleon as a result of a friendship with Repertoire’s brother? 32. How did Napoleon defend the Directory against a Royalist mob? What does that mean? 33. Why did Napoleon’s troops admire and follow him? 34.

What mountain range did Napoleon cross with his troops? Was this a good or bad idea for Napoleon to try to accomplish? Explain. 35. Explain the battle of Triangular in your own words. 36. Who was the victor at Triangular? What happened to Admiral Nelson? 37. What was the goal of the Continental System? 38. Who did Napoleon name as the new king of Spain? Was this a good or bad choice? Why? 39. What cemented peace between France and Austria? 40. What country did Napoleon invade in 1812? 41. Based on Napoleon’s Farewell Address to the Old Guard, how do you think he felt about his soldiers? What makes you think so?

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