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Throughout history multiple revolutions took place in order for change to occur. One revolution was called the French Revolution. This can be defined as the overthrow of the Bourbon monarchy in France 1789-99. In which Napoleon takes control of the directory and seizes power. It caused for political, economic and social change. There are a series of political and social causes for the French Revolution occurring . NNE social cause was the French peasants being treated unfairly. They had a large amount of taxes to pay, including taxes on land and it produce.

Also, the other taxes n which were given to people. With money already being a problem, taxes didn’t help solve it. Many peasants had to struggle to support their family and in other predicaments themselves. A political cause for the French Revolution was the multiple changes in government over a period of time. In 1792-1795, France declared a republic but later on was changed to a dictatorship in which Napoleon ruled France. Because he was able to over throw government and hold the most power. Clearly the transition in government changed the policy, laws, ideas and action made n France.

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This contributed to the French Revolution taking place. The French Revolution can be considered a “bloody tragedy’, but overall had a positive effect on the people, their lives and France. For instance, the revolution abolished serfdom, slavery and experimented with democracy. Clearly, this was a positive effect for various people. Including the people who once were enslaved, and others who had no voice or say in what was going on in their lives. The Revolution also caused for structural change to take place in France.

In 1789 France had only a few museum and libraries built, but once the revolution was established many more were created. Plus educational systems were planned to be created. The French Revolution created a better country for the people and the society. While the Revolution created significant changes in France it also had an impact on the world outside of France. One impact was that Italy became stronger and the most changed part of Europe. Once the local government became stronger, hey were capable of overthrowing and defeating Napoleon military.

It didn’t cause for any problems with the civil principles Napoleon created. Even with all of Europe forces coming together they would be unable to change France to how they use to be. In conclusion, the French Revolution was a part of history. It documents the leadership of Napoleon and how the French revolution affected people. When it came to the peasants being mistreated, they were ready for things to change. They no longer wanted to deal with the conditions they were put in. The revolution helped the society as a whole. French Revolution By Safflower

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