French Revolution More Radical Then the American Revolution Assignment

French Revolution More Radical Then the American Revolution Assignment Words: 384

The American Revolution stared April 19, 1775 at the Battle of Lexington. It started when 700 British solders came to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock. Paul Revere found out about the British coming and then he made his famous ride through Lexington warning people that the British were coming. Then the Americans got together and a shot was fired and a battle started. It was the first of many. For the French revolution a mob of angry people went to the Pastille prison and starting attacking it and the guards in it.

In France you were either with the people or against them. If you were against them and supported the king in anyway they would just kill you. Macmillan Robberies has control of the Committee of public safety and killed many people starting the reign f terror. This lasted for a few months until his followers got scared and had him arrested one night then killed the next. In America most of the people were for the rebellion. Most of the disputes were fought as a battle.

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When the American settlers started struggling with the war, Ben Franklin .NET to Paris to get help in 1776. With full support of the war France sent its navy over with loads of weapons to help fight the war in 1777. After the French got on Americas side the Netherlands and Spain joined in too. After the battle of Yorktown the British retreated and gave up the war. The signing of the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783 making America the winners of the war. After the death of Macmillan the French revolution just died down to people just fighting each other.

In 1799 Napoleon Bonaparte and his army kook over France and eventually became its leader. There was no clear winner of the F-ranch revolution. The American Revolution was less radical then the French revolution because Of the way the war ended, how people reacted to the war and, how the wars were started. The storming of the Pastille and the battle of Lexington were the things that started the war. The killing of thousands of people during the reign of terror is one of the major things that made the French Revolution worse then the American Revolution.

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