The significance of the Tet Offensive for the Vietnam War. Assignment

The significance of the Tet Offensive for the Vietnam War. Assignment Words: 390

Over 35 towns and cities including 13 provincial capitals were seized and shockingly, the US embassy in Saigon was invaded. The National Liberation Front and Vetting sent more than 80,000 soldiers for the Et Offensive and after days, more than half of its soldiers killed so they had to move back to North Vietnam to retreat itself. Although, Vitamin failed to remove the US troops out of Vietnam but, they showed their military power and it showed that nowhere in Vietnam was safe including the US embassy in Saigon.

Politically, the Et Offensive made the Vietnam War more significant in US hat it became one of the key issues in IIS politics during the presidential election year. The IIS politics were basically divided into two sides, the one for withdrawing troops out of Vietnam and the other for giving more support to the Vietnam War. In March 1 968, one month after the Et Offensive, the president Johnson announced that he wouldn’t seek re-election, which left Robert Kennedy and Humphrey as a candidate for the Democratic side for the presidential election.

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Then in June 1968, Robert Kennedy was assassinated and McCarthy replaced his place. However, McCarthy failed to deliver his speech for his candidacy that Humphrey became the candidate for Democrats. On the other hand, Nixon was a candidate for the Republican side for the presidential election. Humphrey had an idea of continuing Johnny’s policy of commitment to the war and Nixon had an idea of withdrawing troops out of Vietnam. Nixon won the election In November by a slight difference. The Et Offensive made the Vietnamese War so big issue that it became one of the most important topics in the LIST politics.

Socially, many people viewed the Et Offensive as a sign showing that the US was actually losing the war. The US military have always reported that they were winning the war and in December 1967, Walt Roosts stated, “Their casualties are going up at a rate they cannot sustain I see light at the end of the tunnel. But after the Et Offensive, the public became skeptic about the reports from the US military because suddenly, it seemed like they were losing the war. So, more and more people were involved in the protest against the Vietnam War in the US.

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