The cold war between the United States Assignment

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In such a “hot war,” nuclear Weapons might destroy everything. So, instead, they fought each other indirectly and also used words as weapons. They threatened and denounced each other or they tried to make each other look foolish. Besides that, both countries played havoc with conflicts in different parts of the world. One of the victims was Afghanistan, who was used as a marionette in this scheming dirty war. At Chi resists 1979, Russian paratroopers landed in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. The country was already in the middle of a civil war.

The Prime Minister, Highball Main, tried to establish a more western life style instead of the ruling Muslim traditions. This idea was totally against the common values in Afghanistan. Thousands of Muslim leaders had been arrested and many more had fled the capital and gone to the mountains to escape Amine’s police. Main also lead a communist based government – a belief that rejects religion. Many Afghans joined the Enunciated – a guerrilla force on a holy mission for Allah. The Enunciated declared a jihad – a holy war – on the supporters of Main to story his government.

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This was also extended to the Russians who were now in Afghanistan trying to maintain the power of the Main government. The Russians claimed that they had been invited in by the Main government and that they were not invading the country. They asserted that their task was to support a legitimate government and that the Enunciated were no more than terrorists. On December 27th, 1979, Main was shot by the Russians and he was replaced by Break Karma. His position as head of the Afghan government depended entirely on the fact that he needed Russian litany support to keep him in power.

The soviets, with this step of the soviets, which the United States rated as an offensive, the national crisis went to escalated into an international conflict and it became the most important battle field in the cold war. From the view of the United States the invasion of the soviets was a dangerous step for the supplying of the raw material for the western society. In answer to the invasion Of the Russians the American government started to support the Enunciated by offering them military education and financial insurance.

One of the most important points of the American psychological warfare was the effect on the public perception. So they reflected the Enunciated as freedom fighters against world communism. They succeed in presenting the war in Afghanistan as a “good war”. The aim of The Ignited States was to destroy the communism to get the upper hand as a ruling country. The Soviets intervention was a totally disaster for both countries, Afghanistan and Russia. The maintenance for of thousands of soldiers was a very heavy burden for the financial and logistical status of

Russia. So the permanently stay in Afghanistan became a political problem. The Soviets lost their reputation and position in the third world especially in Muslim countries. Because of that, they tried to find a solution to gain their position back and started to reach an agreement with the United States. The U. S regime was discordant concerning Afghanistan. One congressional fraction, that wanted the Soviets to leave, was ready to yield a point to the Soviets. Another militant congressional fraction wanted to punish the Soviets.

The statement stated aim of this group was to exterminate the Soviets even if it would cost the life of the last Afghan. This idea won the upper hand and so the US did not help the Soviets out Of their own misery. Concerning all the facts I can say that Afghanistan was just a means to an end, neither the Soviets nor the United States really cared about the country. They just used Afghanistan to show continue their own power struggle. Being interested only in their own profits advantages they supported communism and the Enunciated.

Furthermore they were also interested in the pipeline, which would be built through Transmitter, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan and finally find its way to the Indian Ocean. With the pipeline the Soviets and the US could have gained the raw materials of the Asian countries. So it was again an intention to abuse the weaker countries for their own gain. The saddest thing is that so many people had to die just because of raw materials and ideology. It seems to be that everyone follows this Principle: If you want something which is not yours, just make an enemy of the owner and fight until you get what you want without regarding the loss.

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