The Baroque Period Assignment

The Baroque Period Assignment Words: 245

The Baroque period originated in 1600 and ended In 1750 2. The Peterson Is the estate of Peter the Great, In SST. Petersburg Russia. Bartholomew Restorable models It. This bulling was key symbol of the era. 3. Baroque painters used various colors and deep shadows to create a rich texture this can be seen In the piece Rembrandt painted The Storm on the Sea of Galilee. 4. In the baroque period there was a intense dispute over religion.

John Bunyan (1628-1688) was an English Protestant writer and a Astor. He is most famous for composing The Pilgrim’s Progress. Another important Protestant writer of the time is John Gill. He was an English theologian who wrote A Body of Doctrinal Divinity in 1767. 5. Three famous baroque scientists were Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilee and Francis Bacon. Galileo Galilee was an astronomer and invented the telescope, Isaac Newton created the laws of motion and Francis Bacon invented the bacon method 6.

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An opera Is a play where everything is vocally reduced along with orchestral accompaniment and Incorporates many aspects of spoken theatre such as acting. An example Is Jesus Boggling and Robert Merrill, the pearl fisher’s duet. 7. Music was used as entertainment at the courts of the nobility. Music was very scarce and was treated very valuably as there was no way of listening other than live music. 8. Baroque music in churches was sung by choirs, often with organs, wind string and percussion instruments complementing them.

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