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Many people don’t know that true music started long before this. The art of classical music; and music for music’s sake. There once was a time when music was only played for the church and nothing else, no concerts to go to, or no time to lust listen to It to enjoy It. In the baroque period there came a time of change for music, and music was now being played for music’s sake. When someone talks about the baroque period many people think of the architecture from that period, but even more important than that is the music they came from this period. Baroque’s” definition Is bizarre, but when talking about the music exuberant would be a much better translation. During this period many composers started to experiment with form, styles and Instruments. The biggest part of music in this period was the exploration of form. Baroque music can be seen as highly ornate, very textured and intense music. There are a number of defining characteristics of music in this period; one is the basso continuo, which is music that is played by one or more bass instruments and a keyboard Instrument.

Another characteristic Is the doctrine of affections, which allowed composers to express emotions and feelings In their compositions. This help lead to the emphasis on contrast of volume, Like crescendos and decrescendos; texture in the music, like staccato for sharp notes; and then the pace of the music, hey started using things like adagio for slower, and presto, meaning faster. One of the well known composers of this time is Antonio Vivaldi. Antonio is mainly known for his Four Seasons, and the Opus 3, but he also wrote many works which sound Like exercises for students.

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And this Is exactly what they were. Vivaldi was employed for most of his working life as violin teacher and composer by the Spelled Della Pieta, which was an orphanage. Vivaldi also had a great interest in the Opera. As far as his theatrical activities were considered the end of 1 71 6 was a high point for Vivaldi. In November, he managed to have the Spelled Della Pieta reform his first great oratorio, Judith Triumphant devices Holiness barbaric. This work was an enlightening description of the victory of the Venetians (the Christians) over the Turks (the barbarians) In August 1716.

In 1720 Vivaldi staged new operas written by himself In the Theatre Santa’ Angelo, a theatre In Venice. The notation of Baroque melodic lines tended to assume that composers would write out only the basic framework, and that performers would embellish this framework by elaborating on it. But on the other well known composers of this time Johann Sebastian Bach was regarded at the time as being on one extreme end of the picture, notating most or all of the details of his melodic lines-??particularly in his is argued to be one of the best composers of all time.

Bach is widely known for his improvisation at the keyboard. His inner personal drive to display his musical achievements was evident in a number of ways. The most obvious was his successful striving to become the leading virtuoso and improviser of the day on the organ. Bach Nas an amazing composer and has changed the way many people see music. The Baroque was a time of a great arts were paintings saw the works of Vermeer, and El Greece in literature it was the time of Milton, and Racine modern science came into its own during this period with the work of Galileo and Newton.

But what saw the most was music, with the works of some of the bests like Antonio Vivaldi and Johann Sebastian Bach. This was the time when you were able to listen to music Just for the sake of music and many new ways came about of music, with tempos, sounds, texture and many more. Also the art of Opera really began, and Antonio Vivaldi had many successful operas that he was able to compose. To this day many people don’t member these legends in our history of music, but the few who do really appreciate it for what it’s worth.

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