Baroque Music and Renaissance Period Assignment

Baroque Music and Renaissance Period Assignment Words: 401

Through the words to the song he argues eloquently that although his wares might seem superficially precious, they’re worthless compared to the honesty and loyalty of his heart. Which of the songs was composed by Franciscan Bossiness, or Francis of Bosnia? Se maim per marginalia (If ever in wonder), was written by Franciscan Bossiness, or Francis of Bosnia. What is a lute? What is the history of the lute? When was the lute used? A plucked stringed instrument with a long neck bearing frets and a rounded body with a flat front that Is shaped Like a halved egg.

The lute Is used In a great variety of instrumental music from the Medieval to the late Baroque eras and was the most important instrument for secular music in the Renaissance. What Is a harpsichord? Where were these Instruments often found? A keyboard Instrument with horizontal strings that run perpendicular to the keyboard In a long tapering case and are plucked by points of quill, leather, or plastic operated by depressing the keys. It is used chiefly in European classical music of the 16th to 18th centuries. What is a notation knife?

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Knives with musical notes on the blade Many of the articles on the include a piece of artwork from the Renaissance period. How are music and art related? Do you think that the music of the period Is reflected in the art of the period? Why or why not? Music and Art are related in that their both created by Artist or Creative people through inspiration either by nature or by your surrounding’s or a sudden or past event. Yes, music of the renaissance period was Indeed reflected on the art. Like I said you can be Inspired by surroundings.

That’s including, Music. Of the different music files that you’ve heard from the Renaissance period, which one do you like the best? Why? Do; event cell, belle, I Just sounds Like that old world upper class renaissance music. It has the grand palace vibe I guess. 1 OFF elements of music like tone color, rhythm, melody and so on). Today’s music has changed so much that days, I think the reason is because of how much you can make on music today. The musicians didn’t have a care of becoming famous because they Mere more concerned about the art.

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