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What were two major influences on German Baroque music? How did these factors Influence the music? . The German Baroque bow and Baroque organ they gave music a new spin. 2. How did music differ before and after Bach? It wasn’t that interesting before, Bach had a new way and his music keep Interest. 3. How have the performances of Baroque music changed (In terms of tempt, balance and timbre) from the Baroque period to today? Everything was nearly the same besides the tempt It had a kind of faster pitch. 4. What Is a Baroque split when playing music? There Is emotions that fell you up. At the bottom of the page that discusses Baroque music performance, there are some examples of music that you can listen to. These examples often use different instruments than we are used to hearing today. What are some of these instruments? How is the sound of the music different than what we might hear today? The Fugue in D Minor and Air from Suite in C minor. They had a smooth tone music isn’t usually made from actual instruments that more now it’s usually beat machines. 6. Who was Archangel Cornell? What are some of his contributions to classical music? He was an Italian composer and violinist.

He proved the potential of Concerto-Gross principle. He wrote the first piece of the principle. 7. Who was Gottfried Silverman? One of the two leading baroque organ-builders. 8. After listening to some of the music samples, how would you describe Baroque music to someone who had not heard it before? Choose at least one piece of music to discuss in detail. What instruments do you think the work uses? Who composed the ours? What does the work sound like? It’s a smooth sound simple yet complex. Believe it uses the violin as well as a flute. Johann Sebastian Bach , it sound like a opera yet more simple.

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