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Andrew Jackson won the most popular votes but not the most Electoral College votes. The selection was made from the top three vote getters. Henry Clay came in fourth so he was out of the election. People said that the election between Andrew Jackson and John Quince Adams was the fiercest election there ever was. John Quince Adams had won this election but Andrew Jackson thought that Dam’s victory was a “corrupt bargain” between him and Henry Clay so he promised to take his revenge in the 1828 election.

Andrew Jackson had won the Election of 1828 and also he had had gotten his revenge. Secondly, the “Spoils System” was created by Andrew Jackson to help his presidency in many ways. The Spoils System was replacing the government officials with his own supporters or friends. Another way of putting this was to give a chance to common men, who was never involved government offices. Jackson’s opponent thought that this was corrupt. But he still defended it.

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This made him think about the Native Americans, The rights of the States, and The National Bank of United States. During his presidency Andrew Jackson wanted to expand westward to make more towns and cities for white settlers. There was only one problem which was on his way, The Native Americans. The Native Americans wanted to stay where they were but Jackson did not let them to do so. He thought that if they were allowed to live in their original place it would have required a lot of troops to protect them from white settlers.

So in 1830, Congress passed the “Indian Removal Act” in which federal government provided funds to compromise treaties with them and that would force the Native Americans to move towards west. And nearly 90 treaties were signed with them. But Jackson believed that this policy should be supported by the government and also provide them with whatever they want. Besides the Native American Tribes the Cherokees Nations instead of going to war with the United States they went to the court.

Surprisingly the Supreme Court ruled over Native Americans that the states has to give rights to them and cannot interfere with their lands. Jackson was supporting states’ rights, so out of anger Jackson said to the Supreme Court “John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it”. This became the reason of removal of the Native Americans. Later they were sent off for their Journey. Since the winter came on during their removal, the Cherokee died in thousands. And this incident soon became too known as “Trail of Tears”. He also vetoed the bill to recharge the National Bank of United States.

Andrew Jackson opposed the Bank of the United States because it was run by rich and was mostly for the rich people and did little to benefit the common. His main reason for opposition was that he did not believe that one bank should control all the financial strength in the nation. He also believed that the bank was unconstitutional. He later moved the deposits of government to the states bank which were known as “Pet Banks”, because they were loyal to Jackson.

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