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House of Representatives. In 1797 he was elected to the Senate. Then in 1798 Jackson was elected to be a judge of the Tennessee Supreme Court. Jackson served two terms. His first term was from 1829 to 1832. His second tee arm was from 1833 to 1837 In the first election John Quince Adams tried to make Jackson lose some of his popularity by slandering him. This was the first time that candidates really Sal needed each other. In the second term the national nominating convention was intro educed. Jackson’s opponent in his first term was John Quince Adams.

Jackson’s upon .NET in his second term was Henry Clay. John C Calhoun was vice president during Jackson’s first term. Martin Van Bur en was the vice president in the second term. Andrew Jackson was part of the democratic party. A. Veto of the Massively Road Bill(1830) Andrew Jackson vetoed the bill to use federal funds to build a road connecting Lexington and Massively Kentucky. H e stated that it was the states rights to build their own roads not the federal governments. B. Webster Haynes Debate (1830) The debate was between Daniel Webster and

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Robert Haynes. Haynes saw the country as individual sovereign states while Webster saw the county as one nation. Haynes believed that the states should be able to set aside federal laws that they saw as unconstitutional. Webster supported the federal government and the constitution. C. Indian Removal Act (1830) The main purpose of the act was to remove all Indians from their homes and move them to the west. Jackson made people believed that he was doing it for their own good and that moving west will be DOD for them but in reality he just wanted the land.

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