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My eenness oninterest in math started from my childhood, where I found those abstract numbers and formulas never boring to me; instead, I found them much like a piece of amazing music, by with which I’m I became deeply enchanted. My talent on for math had aroused attention from my parents and teachers, who in the following years provided me as many opportunities as possible to allow me diggingdig deeply in mathematics by through decent training, bookwavingbook waving discussions and numerous contests. I often involve myself in the discussions and debates at the portals of w. . mathlinks. ro portal and the Act of Problem Solving, where I met many enthusiasts and lovers of math from all over the world and with the common interests in math we became close friends. Little Gauss from South Korea, Silouan from Greece and Pohoatza from Romania often helped me to clear out the misunderstandings in about planes in geometry while shared my good solutions to the inequalities with my insights in algebra. Because of the time difference, some of us needed stay up very late in order to join the real- time discussions, but none of us cringed.

Each time when someone began a topic or sent a message through the portals, the rest of the participants would respond actively and contribute their enlightening ideas or unique methods so that all the puzzlements and bewilderments soon vanished into thin air. My efforts on mathematics gradually began to bear fruits: I was chosen amid 30 top math elites to join the China National Olympic Mathematics Training Team, which earned me an honorable entr??e entry to Peking University. My knowledge on about mathematics has been advanced nd my skill ability to apply mathematics in practice has been polished. as greatly encouraged and my confidence of making a difference in math bulged and consequently I became more resolute to pursue math in my future studystudies. The college life at Peking University makes me understand that, diversity makes a colorful world. believe it is the reason why Cornell university attaches so much importance to diversity. Reading the information from the website, learn that Cornell students are given the ability to work closely with Cornell’s outstanding faculty at every turn.

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Moreover, the Department Of Mathematics will allow students considerable freedom to meet their individual needs and interests. I believe that, in such an environment, will be given the chance to touch upon as many disciplines as possible for my undergraduate study, which will advance my knowledge in science and also explore my potential in other science and humanities courses. That truly goes in accordance with my pursuit for aof balanced individual development. Moreover, Cornell is known for its intellectual rigor.

As a large, highly residential, majority graduate/professional research university, Cornell provides a four year, full-time undergraduate instructional program, classified as “balanced arts & sciences/professlons”. It provides students an academically rigorous environment academically rigorous, where students actively explore, research and solve complex problems to develop a deep understanding of core academic concepts that reflect college readiness standards. It means opportunity for students to develop and apply habits of ind as they navigate sophisticated and reflective learning experiences.

Students with strong habits of mind weigh evidence, consider varying viewpoints, see connections, identify patterns, evaluate outcomes, speculate on possibilities and assess value. If luckily admitted to Cornell, I will be able to learn how to find creative paths to resolve problems even though I don’t immediately know the answer. At Cornell, think can learn not only the important mathematical concepts, but also learn how to make connections between mathematics and the real world, the including other disciplines.

Through this, will not only gain knowledge and high level skills to achieve at high levels, will also gain ways of thinking and doing that preparepreparess me for collegelife, work and citizenship. I am sure I will make a fine addition to the diversity of Cornell with my experiences in math study and community services. After I enter Cornell, I plan to set up a math communication club to continue with my study studies and promote understanding and cooperation among the students who may come from every corner of the world on the campus of Cornell.

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