Factors Affecting Academic Performance Assignment

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Review of Related Literature Theoretical Framework Conceptual Framework Scope and Limitation The study focused on the factors that affects on the Academic performance of grade 2 students. The participants of the study involved 49 grade 2 students (23 males and 26 females) from Deodorant Alonzo Elementary School. The study is Only limited to the factors that affects the academic performance and not took consideration into other varies elements. Statement of the Problem The study is aimed to determine the factors affecting the academic performance in math subject of grade 2 students in Deodorant Alonzo Elementary School. . What are the Factors influence in the math performance of grade 2 students? 2. What is the relationship of factors in math ? Hypothesis Significance of the Study This study aimed to determine the factors that affects on the Academic Performance of grade 2 students in Deodorant Alonzo Elementary School. This study is significant to the following: For the students this study will provide inputs to improve their academic performance through giving their needs. For the parents study will help them to be aware about the needs of their children especially to be prepared fore sending their children in school.

For the teachers it will help them to determine how they are important to the students not only what they have learned in their lessons but also their help how to improve or develop the student. For the school administration this study will provide data’s which can help them in guiding the institution on how they can improve and help the students in other concerns. For the government/society this study can make them aware about the needs of every student on how they can improve them and no distractions on their studies.

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For the future researchers this study may help them discover/interpret new knowledge when they conduct similar study. Definition of Terms Research Design In order to determine the effectiveness on the study the research design that the researchers used in this study is the descriptive design. The design involves 1 class section of grade 2 students that formed by random assignment. Instruments 1. Math test 2. Scores of the students 3. Final grades 4. Survey form Data Gathering Procedure 1. The researchers prepared the entire necessary instruments that they used in the study.

The instruments that they prepared includes Math tests and the survey form. 2. The researchers asked authorization from Deodorant Alonzo Elementary School for them to conduct the study. 3. After receiving the permission, the researchers chose by random sampling between the 2 sections. 4. From the selected participant the researchers gave the math test related to their topics and got the low-high scores and the final grades after computing all grades the researchers now give the survey about the factors that affects in their academic performance in their subjects.

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