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Students can change the dress code by attending school board meetings and having approximately 75% of students signing a petition with an agreement saying that you want to change it. Most students feel that the dress code shouldn’t change and that maybe it can help one day like going on an interview or an oral presentation, students should want to look as if they are here to learn. “The difference between school and life? In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson. (Bidet). The purpose of the dress code is to have a better understanding that dents do not come here to show off their style, but to come here to learn and get a better education. Students fail to realize the difference between dressing for success and dressing to impress. Dress code is nothing new to our society; many jobs require you to wear certain types of clothing or a uniform. Therefore, these schools are simply preparing their students to have a successful and bright future.

Students should be more concerned about what they can learn, not what they can or cannot wear. Education is what motivates student’s people to the top of the platform their wardrobe. Be careless in your dress if you will, but keep a tidy soul (Twain)”. Students should beware, their future will not depend on what they wear; it will increase on how to prepare. The dress code has been an effect on students for thirteen years. Ever since then it has made major changes in the dress code policy. Some of the other counties and schools don’t go by the dress code.

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A lot of female teenagers attend the biggest social event of the year; homecoming, were turned away at the door due to an outdated dress code policy that demands that dress be “at or near knee length (Muscle)”. Male students cannot enter the school with baggy clothes, hats, or even tucking their shirt in, all males and females should be treated equally if males have to tuck in shirts then, so does females. The dress code could require more current language general enough to leave open for understanding. A lot of counties have dress policies for the same reason.

Students push limits in trying to express themselves in their own unique way. Students have requested that there have been many decisions and arguments about the dress code policy that were worked out by administrations. In order for students to change the dress code, start by reading the dress code and focus on the problems that may feel unfair. Then make a letter and petition, the letter is what students should show teachers showing their opinion. The petition is to be signed by many of your peers, and show support for changing the dress code.

Finally have a student go to a school board meeting and ask for a change, students should address the concerns in a responsible and mature manner. Request that the school’s dress code be estimated for fairness, and give real reasons why students feel it should be changed. Students can make a difference into changing a dress code by just trying and never giving up. “Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress” (Channel). In conclusion the dress code policy has many important reasons our school should adopt dress code.

Getting an education is difficult enough without be distracted by inappropriate t-shirts or tight pants. Learning to dress for particular occasions prepares students for the real world. Students have enough pressure already without having to worry about what other is wearing. Students have to understand the future does not want to see the ring things they wear but, the right things that express students in a whole new, professional way. “I dress for the image.

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