Water Pollution Levels Turning Deadly in Punjab.Docx Assignment

Water Pollution Levels Turning Deadly in Punjab.Docx Assignment Words: 477

A known environment law activist Santa Bulbar Sings Seawall, the man who rough to life so many rivers in the Major area, stated that anti-pollution laws Stay in the newspapers only and very little efforts are taken to prevent water and air pollution. According to Seawall, there are many harmful chemicals, such as cyanide, that are flowing into the rivers, mostly from factories situated in Lithuania, Calendar and Phage.

Due to this, drinking water sources have become polluted and resulted in widespread prevalence of diseases like cancer in the Malta region and the adjoining areas in Restaurant. In Muskrats, you can just find the depressing statistics in the home strict of the Punjab Chief Minister, Parkas Sings Bad. There were 1,074 deaths due to cancer between 2001 and November 2009. In Iambi, Pedal’s home constituency, there were 21 1 cancer deaths during the same period.

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Water Pollution: Shocking Levels of Uranium Content in Water in Punjab Don’t be shocked by the information given on water pollution in Punjab as there is much more. In March 2009, Dry Caring Simi, a South African toxicologist, sent hair samples of mentally-ill children from Malta region to Germany’s Micrometer Mineral Lab. On June 13, 2010, the lab reported high levels of uranium in these samples. Dry Caring Simi stated, “The hair results are surprising. We expected an arsenic exposure.

Instead, over 80% of adult and children, many of which are suffering from cerebral palsy and mental retardation, showed pathological levels for uranium. ” The report is surprising as there is no apparent source of uranium in the state. Executive director, Keith Variants Mission (KAVA), Amender Duty stated, “with studies indicating high levels of uranium in hair samples, the situation is indeed alarming. Water Pollution: Uranium Content Exceeds Safe Limit Suggested by WHO In 2009, V D Puritan, who is heading the environmental assessment division of Baby Atomic Research Center, filed a report stating 2. -244. 2 micro grams of uranium content in one liter water sample that was brought from the Malta region. Lets not forget, the safe limit suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO) is 15 micrograms per liter. The person in charge of Baby Afraid Center for Special Children in Fairport partial, Sings said that three ample surpassed the limit of 60 micrograms uranium per liter set by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (ARAB).

Final Legal Take Away Tip: Punjab, a state that ushered in the Green Revolution and has been nourishing most parts of the country, is now suffering the ill effects of water pollution. Toxic material in water can migrate to hundreds of farms, homes, schools and places where people can die or suffer due to its exposure. Remember, Erin Bronchi? What we need is legal awareness and initiatives to be taken on priority so that the state government can save lives it is too late.

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