Water Pollution Assignment

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Pollution affects the health of all living thing. Many peoples, animals and plants depend on water for survival of life but because of water pollution all living things must suffer or die from the effects caused by water pollution. Man is busy inventing new things every day and the consequences of these inventions affect the land, air and stream and causes water pollution. Some of the causes of water pollution are industries trying to fulfill the need of consumers by inventing new products and creating bobs for people.

Another cause of water pollution is the chemicals that people use on their lawns and gardens. Water pollution can also be caused by land movement, avalanche and erosion from the weather. Animal also causes water pollution but they are unaware that they are actually causing pollution to the stream, rivers and lakes. The effects of water pollution in our stream, lakes and ocean have a huge impact on the living creatures that uses the water for their habitat. When the beaches and lake are polluted, tourists do to spend time to visit there, animals also die from consuming garbage.

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Another effect of water pollution is the cause of an oil spill in the ocean which has a huge impact on the living creatures and wild life that uses the polluted water. It is important for individual living in this planet to prevent water pollution. The planet is very precious for all it living thing. People have to use the planet resources carefully, and prevent water pollution to it streams, lakes and rivers. We all share this plant it earth, air, land and water.

When one of these characters of the planet is affected it also affects another. One can use water People can purchase items that they need and not want. They can reuse and recycle items that are useable. One can use organic material in their gardens and lawns. Farmers can reduce the use of chemical in their crops. One can walk, bike or use transit to get around. Individual should not put sediments, nutrients, toxic chemicals, pathogens in water. These are some of the thing people can do to prevent water pollution.

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