Tai Cheong marketing case report Assignment

Tai Cheong marketing case report Assignment Words: 365

Recommendations Brand awareness To increase brand awareness, Tat Chewing Egg Tart Museum should be set up as an unique selling point. Just like Missing Instant Noodle Museum in Japan j;t*E, (Refer to Appendix 6), as our target group is segment with innovative lifestyle, it will attract local’s interest towards to the brand and help engaging emotional value to customer. Besides, it help introducing Tat Chewing brand to visitors and act as stepping stone for China’s market for future and arouse brand awareness of them.

Improve Perceived value Tat Chewing can provide more innovative product such as “Birthday egg tart” in order to have some gimmick and attract customers. Since Chinese place importance on birthday, this may attract them to have a trial. We offer customers the chance to D. I. Y, their own tart which they could choose the size and shape and finally design the words or graphs. Thus, it can offer total retail experience to customers. The product categories are not wide but in-depth, such as different taste of egg tarts would be launched in a specific period.

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This kind of practice can refresh its image and become more specialized in developing new products in same categories. Apart from taste, physical evidence including store layout and packaging can be improved the perceived value. For the store layout, we plan to build a resting area at corner with sofa provided. This matches with our “grand” image and products so that we can provide a comfortable space for customers to enjoy their tea time in our store. This helps to increase customers’ satisfaction and enhance brand mage.

Implementation and Evaluation Financial support and Confidence from Tao Hung With the support from Tao Hung Holdings Limited, Tat Chewing has adequate capital and backup to invest. Furthermore, Tat Chewing brand awareness is increased largely in mainland after participating into the 1 SST Hong Kong Brands Exhibition that hold in Beijing in 2009 because its products have exposed to mainlanders from different districts in the exhibition and assist to build confidence to try. Profitable new target segment For the lifestyle, according to AC Nielsen, Mainlanders are innovative.

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