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They are a company looking for brand exposure, innovative recognition and, in urn, profitability by exchanging value to their customers through the products that they have to offer. The Padding Infinity is the third and newest in SASS’ range of Fadedness, the world’s first phones that can fully power a tablet module from their own operating systems. It has both physical and technological features that have been modified in order to potentially upgrade their product in their target markets eyes.

This report will further elaborate the features and benefits associated with this product and how they have used them to their advantage in order to launch their ewe product into the local business market of New Zealand. Through the use of the marketing framework, SASS have, in a way, successfully implemented the use of segmenting, targeting and positioning alongside the knowledge of consumers situational decision making attitudes in order to put their product into circulation.

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This report will outline the efforts SASS have used in regards to the marketing framework and provide observations on how they may further sales with future products to come. Discussion: Situation analysis: Before a company, such as SASS, engages in how they are to market a product, they deed to gather knowledge on things such as the features and benefits their product has the potential to provide.

A situational analysis is the base knowledge needed to be gained before even thinking of segmenting the market. In SASS’ case, they need to know exactly what their new product is in relation to other products in the market. One way of figuring out where their Padding fits in the market is through the use of “Mascots Hierarchy of Needs”. Mascots hierarchy of needs is “a theory of human motivation which describes consumers as addressing a finite set of prioritize needs. It is a way of determining owe consumers seek value by satisfying the most basic needs. As these are satisfied, they move up towards the top of the pyramid, for example, in SASS’ case: A consumer will satisfy the needs of necessity such as sleep and food etc. Before thinking about needs such as safety and friendship. SASS has decided to situate their new product at the top of the pyramid, being a “specialty purchase” or “high involvement product”.

They want consumers to believe that their product will make them better fulfilling their desire to be the person they want to be or “desired self” through a high hedonistic alee product, it provides them with more enjoyment than stress of getting some sort of task done. Segmentation: A market segment is a group of customers who share similar inclinations towards a brand. Marketers need to choose one or more segments to target their product towards before implementing the product they are producing to the marketplace.

A market segment is classed as a group of consumers who share common needs, and so one company may be further inclined towards one specific segment in comparison to another. For a company such as SASS, they need to use the segmentation process o determine what segment best fits their Padding infinity and then chose an appropriate target market out of these segments to position the product towards. Four basic sets of information may be used in order to class differing segments: Demographics, geography, psychology and behavior.

SASS will have used this information structure in order to highlight the aspects of the segment they need to be targeting. For the SASS Padding, they have chosen to choose a similar segment in comparison to ones they would normally be aiming at for other products sold such as laptop computers and other smartness. Targeting: After using segmentation techniques in order to build different profiles of potential consumers to aim their product towards, they choose which profile(s) is best suited for the marketing of their product and evaluate why they have chosen this specific segment.

Below I have highlighted a segment profile in which I believe SASS will have chosen to target in regards to the marketing of their Padding within the local business situation of New Zealand: Demographics: Gender: Male and Female Age: Late teens/early ass’s to mid-ass’s (generation X and Y) Number of kids: Majority of racket to have no children Stage in household cycle: Living in flatting scenario or first household owned Education: Higher majority level of school education.

Attending university or graduated previously Income: Medium to high range income Geography: Country: New Zealand Cultures: European/westernizes. Technologically inclined. Urban vs. rural: Urbanites cities such as Christopher, Wellington or Auckland rather than being bought up, or living, in rural areas such as Tiara or Silverware. Psychology: Attitudes: Quick, easy. Focused on convenience/on the go aspects Knowledge and wariness: Highly tech-savvy. Great amount of background knowledge in regards to smartness/Fadedness.

Traits: Need for cognitive processing. High involvement when searching for such products. Enduring/emotional involvement Brand Attributes: Premium quality, low price (One of the great reasons they decide to choose smartened over phone) The reasoning behind SASS choosing a segment to target such as this one above is because it fits in well with all of the aspects they are trying to highlight with the release of their new Padding. They are trying to target very tech as’. N. Ate teen to young professional adults who fit into the category of “innovators” or “early adopters. ” The reason behind targeting such a small percentage of consumers who buy the product is because these people are the ones who sell it for them through aspects such as word of mouth. They are product leaders who influence the purchase behavior of the consumers around them, such as Richard La’, the man who wrote the original review “SASS Padding Infinity review: the convertible phone goes full HAD and beyond. Positioning: Once the target market has been established, positioning comes into play. A company needs to be able to figure out how to position their brand (or in this case, product) identity in comparison to others in order to gain a competitive advantage. This can be done in many ways such as having close relationships with their customers to having the cheapest product of its kind on the market.

Through the use of the 4 As a company such as SASS are able to find their position in the market in comparison to the competitors they are facing: Product: They have created a unique product (the first of its kind to fully power a tablet module). It is able to be used by almost anyone and consists of the simple and easy to use “snapdragon” operating system. It offers a IPPP display and a quad core chip. Longer battery life than offered in older models with an upgraded lens also.

It is offered in a number of colors and is the first non-apple device to adapt the pin injection tray for a Anna SIMI-card. Place: Although it is not yet circulating New Zealand as of yet, they are engaging in efforts to arouse awareness in the local marketplace (videos outlining the phone on the SASS NZ website are present) Price: This phone is priced similar to there smartness of its kind and so does not necessarily have much competitive leeway in regards to the “best” price.

Promotion: Through the use of social media (Faceable and twitter) and a number of advertising centers, SASS has made the name available throughout the US before arriving in New Zealand. However, I do not believe these marketing efforts to be very sufficient with posts such as “this Padding is pretty damn cool. It’s weird that it’s the 3rd version and I’m only hearing about it now. Just thought that they only did MOM and make computers and tablets” occurring low articles such as the one written by Richard La’.

In SASS’ case with the Padding they have many aspects in which separate themselves from the competition however they have chosen to separate their brand from the rest a “unique selling proposition” focusing on the aspect of innovation(the first of its kind to fully power a tablet module). They have differentiated their product from others of its kind (such as the phone) in a way to provide consumers with a fresh product that has never been done before. Due to this, innovative value has been added and so consumers are willing to pay the extra money for such a product.

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