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Apple’s Target Market Apple mainly sells to customers who are in the primary consumer, SMB, education, enterprise and government markets. They also sell and resell third party products in most of its major markets directly to consumers and Comb’s through online and direct stores. Apple aims to target customers who are willing to pay a bit more to get the highest range products for a more friendly and personal user experience. Apple also alms to find technology savvy consumers who are Into new and stylized products.

Product 1. Apple’s product range Positioning Positioning Involves a marketing strategy that alms to make a brand occupy a dialect position in the market. Apple positions their products high up in the market, they are up to date, user friendly and accessible for any consumer. Apple aims to project an image in the consumers mind that is technologically more advanced in design than any other MPH player. Branding Branding Is the process In creating a unique Image and name for a product in a consumers mind, mainly through marketing.

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The Apple brand has strong recognition and a devoted following based on its innovative, fashionable appeals and simplicity of use. The simplicity involved with Apple’s products and branding creates a sense of versatility and forms world beyond with all Apple’s products being the same worldwide. Any consumer can have access to an Apple product; they are sold all over the world In 13 countries. Packaging The role of packaging is to attract attention, assist in promotion, provide machine information, and identification (Barbados, instructions etc. Each product is systematically packaged so that the consumer learns about it and creates a relationship Just by taking It out of the box. Apple’s packaging is simple and international making it race friendly. The information used is educational and ingenious, which makes it user friendly. Price Price Methods 1. Cost plus margin 3. Competitors’ price 4. Discount price Apple uses competitors price, choosing a price that is either below, equal to or above that of the competitors.

In doing so, apple can either set a standard by becoming the price leader or can bring their prices down to comply with other businesses standards. Promotion Promotion refers to the methods by a business to inform, persuade and remind customers about its products. Elements of the Promotion Mix 1. Personal Selling Apple believes a high-quality buying experience is needed to convey the value of their products and to attract and entice the customer to the product. Personal sellers are knowledgeable, well trained and approachable, a lot of time and money is spent to bring personal sellers up to a standard.

Apple uses personal selling not only in the Apple retail stores but also in select third party retail departments 2. Sales Promotion Apple uses personal selling as there sales promotion as majority of products are sold directly to the consumer. Apple aims to have salespeople who are knowledgeable ND can convey the company’s products correctly so as to attract and retain customers. Apple believes that having direct customer contact increases their competitive advantage above other businesses. 3.

Publicity Apple is a worldwide known business; they gain publicity in a variety of ways including television ads, launch events, news publications, billboards etc. Word of mouth is a big advantage for Apple in publicity so they aim to create a positive experience for customers so that they pass on good words and keep returning for the business. 4. Advertising Apple spent $33 million for 2013, 2012 and 2011, this money is used to communicate message about the product to the consumers and attract potential.

This creates a demand for the product and communicates essential information. Place Distribution channels Identify three methods of distribution channels: 1 . Producer to customer 2. Producer to retailer to customer 3. Producer to wholesaler to retailer to customer 1 . Website- allowing the customers to purchase products like ‘Pods, laptops, phones etc. Directly through the Apple website 2. Producer to consumer- apple stores provide personal selling and majority of Apple products are bought through stores 3.

Producer to wholesaler to retailer to customer- Large electronic stores such as Dick Smith and JOB HI-If sell apple products purchased through Apple Marketing Process 1. SOOT Strengths Apple holds right to patents and copyrights relating to certain aspects of its phone, pad, Mac and pod devices Apple files patent applications to protect innovations arising from its research, development and design and is currently pursuing thousands of applicants worldwide Apple continually invest in research and development to strategically recognize innovative products and technology.

Weaknesses Most components which are valuable to the Company are also available from other sources The company competes with various components with other participants in the markets such as mobile communication and media devices Many components used by the company are at times subject to industry-wide shortage and significant pricing fluctuations Apple sell complex hardware and software products that can contain design and manufacturing defects and can often contain bugs Opportunities The company has registered for trademarks and service marks in the U.

S and a number of foreign countries Apple plan to expand stores into new countries and ewe market segments The company has announced plans to begin manufacturing some Macs in the US, while at the moment all manufacturing takes place in Asia Threats Confronted by aggressive competitions in all areas Competitors have aggressively cut prices and lowered their product margins to gain or maintain market share Competitors trying to imitate some of Apple’s products or copying Apple’s products features to their own products Other companies promoting their own digital music and content products and services 2.

Product Lifestyle Stage of Lifestyle: Phone The phone’s hype happens for about 1-2 years with most of the majority of sales aging place then immediately dries up. Hence why there is a new phone brought out every two years, so the phone’s lifestyle repeats itself with new product launches to re enthuse customers. Pad The original pad is in the decline stage of the lifestyle because pad air pad mini have taken over and are now in the growth stage of the lifestyle. Mac The Apple Mac has decreased in sales with a 10% fall in 2012 and sales of only $16341 in 2013.

Apple Mac is now in the decline stage of the product life cycle as other products have over taken. Pod The pod has become a weakening aspect of Apple’s overall business due to other reduces taking the limelight. The pod touch is seen in the decline stage of its life cycle with the pad mini and pod Anna selling 3 million units in their first month of availability they are taking over. The pod touch still accounts for half of the sales for pods so it is not certain that Apple will discontinue the product completely.

Apple 1 . Demographic Age: Apple targets all ages, the product range is friendly to all ages but mainly consumers who are technology friendly Income: Apple is a very top of the market and highly regarded brand and charges premium prices for its products. Apple targets middle income earners who can afford the products they produce. They would like to get their business to those who are keen on the product but do not want to spend as much, the basic idea behind the new phone c, a lower price but the same experience.

Religion/Ethnicity: Apple does not exclude customers due the to race or ethnicity they are. All of the products they produce are catered for your own personal experience whether you are Christian or Jewish. This further more counteracts with calendars, APS etc. 2. Geographic Urban: Apple is located in the urban and city areas all over the world, this creates say access for consumers, as the stores are located in city centers with easy public transport access. Rural: Majority of Apple retail stores are located in urban and city areas, they are not common at all in rural areas.

Apple products are still accessible to consumers who live in urban areas, Apple’s website has buy online and delivery options worldwide to each region making it easily accessible for any consumer. 3. Cryptographic Lifestyle: Apple targets customers who want clean looking designs with simplicity but top of the range technology. People who own Apple’s products are seen as ‘cool’ and Personality: Apple targets a range of different personalities, mainly those who are innovative and creative. The apple brand is about simplicity and removing complexity from the customers lifestyle.

Socio-economic group: through the Joint corporations with the large Telecoms apple is able to target their products at all socio-economic groups from low to high income earners. Consumer opinions and interests: Consumer opinions create a big outlook for Apple designers and technology teams when creating the products. Consumers are always correct when it comes to the product and service so when the customer has an pinion it is important for Apple staff and team to take into consideration.

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