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Since the earliest days of the business world there have been creators and sellers of products; however, these creators and sellers would not be in business without buyers or consumers of their products. The sellers at some point in time took note of a need or a desire and made a decision to create a product to fill that need. The creation of the product must accompany a mean to spark an interest in the consumer to buy the product. The desire to create the product and prompting buyers to purchase it is the foundation of the term marketing.

Knowing what to produce, how such to produce, determining will consumers buy it , determining a price for it, and prompting the purchase of the product is a non-traditional definition of marketing. Steve Jobs once said “don’t find consumers for your product but find products for your consumers”. The Jobs’ quote flies against the common perception of marketing which is make a product and trying to get consumers to buy it. This gives credence to fluidity of the definition of marketing. Although marketing is broad in meaning there are some solid commonly accepted definitions of marketing and how it contributes to business success.

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According to Elevenths (2005) marketing is not a short-term solution, as it takes considerable effort to build both a market-organizational culture and strategies. Although it is ever evolving the 2006 definition of marketing is one of the most commonly accepted text book understanding of marketing which defined it as follows: marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

This definition while lengthy did not take into count the process of packaging and distribution. An older more well known definition of marketing which is more encompassing explains marketing as the research, product pricing and distribution, packaging and promotion, market segmentation or advertising or a product or good or service (Spence 2010). The true meaning of the term marketing remains fluid and subject to the business in need of marketing definition; however, what is not undefined is the purpose of marketing.

Any business, individual, or even the government that is seeking to get people to arches a good or service count on proper marketing to entice the consumer to purchase their good or service. A business success is unequivocally dependent upon marketing. President Beam’s 2008 presidential campaign is widely seen as a marketing miracle. How did an unknown one term Senator from Illinois with a weird sounding name go on to become the President of the United States. The key to his success was a marketing campaign that the world had never seen before. Mr..

Obama made an appeal to the people publics sense of hope, inclusiveness, and sire to achieve. Once he made his appeal know Mr.. Obama conducted a blitz advertising scheme over the entire United States for 18 months leading up to his victory. The methods he used are the same which businesses rely upon to get new products to consumers. President Obama was package nicely, made to feel comfortable and Just right. He was presented as the natural evolution of the country progression towards equality. From a business perspective Apple Inc. Is a good example of sound marketing and a mirror image of the Obama marketing campaign.

Year after year Apple produce a new sleek gadget that is subtle presented to the world and consumer flocks to the products as if they need them for basic survival. How does Apple spark us to purchase their products in such large numbers? Apple understands the importance of marketing to business and uses a low threat approach to make consumers feel part of the Apple family. Upon introducing the world to the first MAC Laptop, Apple in a very subtle way presented a lifestyle advertisement campaign. The company knew there was a market of people who Hough of themselves technology as higher level technology clients.

These people were willing to pay more for more high speed technology. They were willing to pay more because they felt they were more advanced than the average computer user. A market was already in place so Apple Just created a product for that market. Apple knew the success of its new computer would largely depend on people wanting to purchase it to be a part of something. The campaign is widely recognized as one of the best ever due to the lack of the campaign comparing it to others and the new teeth of selling base upon a consumer desire to be a part of something.

Hubbubs which is a well-known marketing firm notes that Apple saw a 42% growth during the first year of launch of the marketing campaign for the MAC Laptop. Defining marketing can be tricky; however, to a business marketing is the simple process of realizing there is a need for a product, creating the product, and figuring out the best mean to package, present, price, and sale the product. As presented above with the President Obama campaign and Apple’s introduction of Mac Laptop we can see that racketing may take many shapes and forms but the goal is to prompt society or consumers to want a purchase something.

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