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Questions: 1. What is the difference between reincarnation and incarnation? 2. Get info about the founder of Hinduism. 3. What are their major doctrines about: -religion-heaven -scripture-view about Christ – view about God Answers: 1. Reincarnation and Incarnation -incarnation and reincarnation is both spiritual and religious. -incarnation is always attributed to deities and gods who descend on a much lesser being or in a physical form, while reincarnation is a repeated process of incarnation from spiritual to physical.

So this soul will continue to reincarnate to other form of physical being. – Another difference of these two is how it ends. Incarnation ends when the physical being dies and the soul is judge wherever it goes. However, in reincarnation, the soul of the man repeatedly seeks another jar where he can dwell on until the soul is completely old. When the soul is old, it will now leave for the place where his old soul will stay (Witnessing to the Cults p. 264). 2. Hinduism is not an organized religion. Neither it has no true founder.

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Hinduism always pinpoints God as their founder. They claim that they got their religion thru revelation called the Vedas(). They are founded by their Creator God Brahma and is under the Cosmic and divine power of him. Nevertheless, to mark that, Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world it marks its beginning around 4,000 years ago, at India. The people of the Indus civilization started appeared to have worshipped a variety of mother goddesses, sacred trees and phallic pillars. (Collier’s Encyclopedia, p. 132 V. 12). 3. Religion The whole religion of the Hindu is centered in realization; they do not focus on a religious institution for their worship. Different religions today regard spaces for worship so as to the church are they doing their activities. They associate their ideas of infinity with the images of the blue sky, or of the sea, so we naturally connect our idea of holiness with the image of a church, a mosque, or a cross. The Hindus have associated the idea of holiness, purity, truth, omnipresence, and such other ideas with different images and forms. Some people devote their whole lives to their idol of a church and never rise higher, because with them religion means an intellectual assent to certain doctrines and doing well to their fellows, the whole religion of the Hindu is centered in realization. Man is to become divine by realizing the divine. Idols, temples, churches, or books are only the supports, the helps, of his spiritual childhood: but on and on he must progress. Scripture -there are two main categories of Hindu scripture. This is the Shruti or the divinely revealed works, and the Smriti or the traditional works of acknowledged human authorship.

The shruti is written in the language called Sanskrit, which is the oldest language of ancient India. While the smriti is written also in Sanskrit but some parts are written in different vernacular language of ancient India. View about God -These Hindu ideas of God include the following deities: Vishnu- the supreme god in Hindu’s Vaishnavite tradition Krishna- either the Supreme Being and/or an avatar of Vishnu Brahma- the Hindu god of creation; Shiva, one of the five primary forms of god in the Smarta tradition of Hinduism Shakti – the form of divine feminine creative power is worshiped as the Supreme Being in varying traditions of Hindu. These varying forms of a Hindu God vary by tradition, upbringing, and geographical region. View about Christ -They believe that Jesus Christ is an Avatar. Avatar is a person that is not on earth for his or her own progress, but voluntarily, to contribute to the progress of a nation or humanity. This means that they believe that Jesus Christ is somewhat a revolutionary that aids a change in humankind. – Therefore Hindu yogis (masters) often recognize a greater role of Jesus.. But there are also Hindus who think that Jesus was simply a teacher.

One should consider that the spiritual depths of Christianity were partially lost and need to be made understandable again to make a fruitful dialogue with other Religions. View about Heaven -They view it as a prize that if you are good here on earth, you will have the chance to stay to heaven before they be reincarnated again. Therefore, they painstakingly live their lives well while living here on earth. -Also, heaven is a place for the gods of their religion, so if they are live good here on earth, they will have the chance of living with their Gods.

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