Pollution Air, Water, Visual Assignment

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Air, Water, Visual Pollution is the contamination of the natural environment. Pollution is one of the big issues in nowadays world. Everywhere in the planet, even in the most remote areas a kind of pollution can be seeing. In the air, in the water or in the cities the pollution is present and make places inhabitable or ugly to live in. Pollution affects, farms plantations, fishing business, brings sickness to people and animals that lives in polluted areas. There are several kinds of pollution, but the most commons are the air pollution, water pollution, and usual pollution.

The first kind of pollution is the air pollution. Air pollution is one of the biggest issues in today’s world. Air pollution is caused mostly for the increase of CO in the air. Cars burning gas, industries exhaling smoke into the skies, and burning trees for deforestation are the mainly cause of the increase Of CO in the skies. Governments from all over Of the world are working together to decrease the amount of CO in the air. Countries like China and Japan for example, in some locations is hard to see 20 feet ahead cause of the air pollution, and people need to use masks as they going to streets.

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The second kind of pollution is the water pollution. Water pollution is the pollution in the rivers and seas. Water pollution is caused mostly by industries that throw they trash in rivers and seas. In Third World countries for example, with expansion of the cities with no control, the population that lives close to rivers have humongous fault in the water pollution. They throw everything in the rivers making the river polluted and with no fish productivity. Water is the most important element for the surviving of the unanimity and contaminated water brings sickness and other problems to society.

The third kind of pollution is the visual pollution. Visual pollution is the pollution that is made by advertising companies that fight with each other’s for outdoors spaces and walls to put their advertising around the city. The visual pollution is not common in USA because of tough laws forbidding business to advertising with no control. Otherwise, in some countries where doesn’t exist such laws is hard to walk in a city and don’t see advertisement one on top of other one with no control. The visual pollution makes a city looks ugly and disorganized.

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