Discrimination and The Salem Witch Trials Assignment

Discrimination and The Salem Witch Trials Assignment Words: 285

Trials was a period of time in which many women and men were being accused of witchcraft. The victims of the Salem Witch Trials of 1 692 were tormented (and most were put to death) by being burned at the stake, hung, etc. For being accused of witchcraft, and being found guilty by a jury and/or a judge. The aftermath resulted in crop failure, depression and a new nickname for the town. Where and when it all began:The Salem Witch Trials began on February 29, 1692 (when complaints were made against Tuba, Sarah Good, and Sarah

Osborne… AIl three women were being accused of witchcraft… ) and the final hanging was on September 22, 1692. Although it was called the Salem Witch Trials, many of the persecutions and victims were from other parts of Massachusetts. (in other words, the Trials happened in more places than Salem). What caused the discrimination? Many people believed that people did actually practice witchcraft. Young girls from the Salem area had fits, and cried out the name of those possessing them. The young girls’ fits were believed to have been caused by adolescent hysteria and ergot poisoning.

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But that was not all that caused the discrimination. Some of the accused women actually confessed to practicing magic. Still, many more causes were in effect. What discrimination took place? Elf found guilty, the women/men were hung, burned, tormented, humiliated, and were sentenced to prison. If the victims weren’t put to death, and they went to jail, they would suffer extermination’s. They would freeze and be starved. There were actually some who died while still in prison due to those dramatic state of affairs. Who practiced the discrimination?

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