Persuasiveon the Holocaust Assignment

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Holocaust, America was considered one of the most powerful nations in the world. Why did we sit in silence? While masses of people were being slaughtered in the sass’s, America did not meddle prior to 1941. Although the United States, after WWW, stuck to the idea of Isolationism (preventing their involvement in other countries’ affairs), the horrors Of the Holocaust had little to do with only foreign affairs, and shouldn’t have been ignored because of it. The cruelty of this mass killing should have overridden this concept of not interfering. If America would have acted sooner, we could have saved millions f lives before they were taken.

This was a mistake that we can now -because of our knowledge of the Holocaust- prevent from occurring again, if such a situation was to reoccur. In addition, if we learn of the past (things that happened that were never dreamed possible before the Holocaust), we can become more aware and respond earlier through our more effective, current day, and globally connected technology. Nowadays, we have more global connections, versus the past, where we weren’t as technology sway. Internet, magazines, television, telephone, and many more of today’s technology that peps us informed daily on the latest intelligence.

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If we keep striving for information on current events, then we will be more aware of wars going on in the world, and because we know what is capable of happening, the evil individuals will be taken more seriously; seen more easily. An example of this is the twin towers. Americans never thought it possible that the World Trade Center would fall at the hands of terrorists, but when it happened, the government turned sharply restrictive. Airport security ever since has become additionally stringent. Now the U. S is aware of the capabilities of extremists; amen with the Nazis.

Now that we know that people are capable of almost succeeding in attempts of genocide, we are more mindful. We are alert, and will be able to act quicker on humanitarian grounds if anything like the Holocaust were to initiate again. Also, if we see another attempt of genocide, we will know what it is, due to our understanding of the Holocaust. Finally, teaching our future generations about the immorality of the Holocaust would definitely help in preventing anything like it from happening again. Some others would say, “You can’t stop the evil people from corrupting the world, hey re just born that way. I’m here to State that this is actually not true. Nobody is “born” evil; they just make bad decisions in life. If we teach them as children about the injustice of what the Nazis did, then we can help turn potentially, or even currently biased people around. Learning about the Holocaust would teach general public about how innocent people faced violent prejudice, instead of the wrong perspective (the Nazi’s perspective) that said that they were vulgar just because of their religion. People, understanding the horrors of the Holocaust, would not tolerate this injustice o reoccur.

Learn about the Holocaust, and it is sure to not happen again. That was a wish of countless prisoners and victims of the horrid genocide- Never forget! Never let this happen again- spread the knowledge. Make sure that the mistake of letting immoral imperialists take charge never happens again. You know the old saying: If history is to be forgotten, then we are condemned to repeat it. Learn about the Holocaust; so we learn from our mistakes, become more aware of what’s going on in the world, and teach what you’ve learned; spread the word!

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