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At approximately errors (Hawaiian time), the first wave of the 353 fighter, bomber, and torpedo planes attacked Pearl Harbor. It was said that the Japanese chose to attack on a Sunday was because they believed Americans would be more relaxed and thus less alert on a weekend. When the Japanese Aerial Commander called out, “Tort, Tort, Tort. ” (which meant Tiger, Tiger, Tiger), it was a message to the entire Japanese Navy informing them they had caught the Americans by surprise. ” SST Mac stopped to sip a drink of his water. “Who planned this attack? ‘, asked one of the Privates.

Rumors said his name was Admiral Usurious Hampton who initiated the plan the attack on Pearl Harbor but it was a Commander under the name of Minor Agenda who carried out the mission. The mission was first named “Operation Hawaii” but later changed to “Operation Z”. 353 Japanese aircraft took-off of 6 carriers. ” After the news was spread, the soldiers ate in silence. Japanese Prospective: (Japanese translated to English) “Right now I am so happy. We just successfully attacked the United States. Am a Lieutenant Commander in the Japanese Navy and my job is to fly the Zero fighter plane.

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Today, I was told that my country has declared war on the Ignited States as we were attacking Pearl Harbor, which is a United States territory. At around errors(Hawaiian time), the first wave of planes were in flight route ready to attack the innocent soldiers, citizens, and tourists in around Pearl Harbor. We chose to attack on a Sunday because Admiral Hampton believed that Americans would be more relaxed and less alert on the weekends. At approximately errors(Hawaiian time), we had the target in sight. “Tort,Tort, Tort” were the words of the commander upon our attack on the island.

I felt either excited nor fear because had a responsibility to my subordinates We damaged 8 of their battleships and sunk 4. Though it was a successful attack, unfortunately we lost 65 of our young and brave men, with one captured as a prisoner. Harbor)On December 7th, 1 941 , the empire of Japan attacked the state of Hawaii on Pearl Harbor with 353 fighter, bomber, and torpedo aircraft which took off on 6 aircraft careers on early December 7th morning at around errors(Hawaiian time). Half an hour before the attack, the early warning radar showed that there were an incoming raid of planes.

It was moored because of the fact that they thought it was a fleet of American bomber planes flying in for a routine training flight. At approximately errors(Hawaiian time), the words “Tort,Tort,Tort” were said by the Japanese leader informing the entire Japanese navy that the Americans had caught the attack by surprise. This was considered to be the one of the most tragic attacks in U. S history. The Japanese planned to attack the airfields and airstrips that were in Pearl Harbor. Luckily, the Americans parked their aircraft one next to another, wingtip to wingtip, making these aircraft easy arrests for the Japanese.

The Japanese also bombed hangers and buildings close by to the airfield including mess halls and dormitories. At first, the Americans didn’t know what was going on. When they found out what was going on, it was already too late. Most of the aircraft were severely damaged or destroyed. A couple military personnel got guns and started shooting at the Japanese aircraft. A couple of IIS fighter pilots got their hands on a couple of aircraft. When they were in the sky, they realized they were easily outnumbered by the Japanese. The U. S fighter pilots did end up taking some f the planes down.

By the end of the attack, 188 aircraft were destroyed and an additional 159 aircraft were severely damaged. The Japanese had also been hoping to catch the U. S aircraft carriers, but the aircraft carriers were out at sea that day. Thus, the main targets were the battleships. Seven battleships were lined up at what is called the battleship row. All of the battleships were their except for the Pennsylvania and the Colorado. The Pennsylvania was in dry dock for repairs and the Colorado was not at pearl Harbor that day. In addition to the air assault on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese also launched flee midget submarines to aid the assault under water.

The Japanese tried to sneak these submarines into Pearl Harbor. However, all five of these midget subs were sunk during the attack of Pearl Harbor. At approximately 9:MAMA, the attack was over. Many of the Japanese aircraft were starting to head back to their aircraft carriers. By 12:PM, all of the Japanese aircraft had returned to their aircraft carrier and they began their long journey back to Japan. By the end of the attack, everything in Pearl Harbor was chaos. 4 of the U. S battleships had sunk (Arizona, California, Oklahoma, and W. Virginia), the other battleships were severely damaged.

In addition to this, three light cruisers, four destroyers, one mine layer, one target ship, and four auxiliaries were also damaged. All this damage done to the United States and the Japanese only love 29 aircraft, five midget submarines, and lost 65 men with an additional one captured as a prisoner. After the attack at Pearl Harbor, President FDA signed an executive order relocating all Japanese American citizens from their homes and into a concentration camp. Reason being? Bring Japanese ancestry. Scenario:(9-1 1 Terrorist attack) On September 1 lath, 2001, a group of Al-

Qaeda terrorists hijacked two airline passenger planes and attack the North and South towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. , New York. The two planes, American Airlines Flight #1 1, and United Airlines Flight #175 were the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center’s North and South buildings. New York City began to collect debris after the North and South building of the World Trade Center collapsed. A third plane, American Airlines Flight #77 was also hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon(which is the U. S Department of Defense), it led a partial collapse in the western side of the eluding.

Within, minutes, a fourth plane United Airlines Flight#93 was hijacked and attempted to be crashed into the white house. During this particular hijack, the passengers on the plane knew they were going to die so they started to rebel against the terrorists which potentially lead to them crashing on a field instead of the white house. It was revealed later that the president was not present at the white house during this horrific attack. Nearly 3,000 people died in this attack from the World Trade Center including the 227 civilians and 19 hijackers that were abroad those four planes. This was the deadliest incident for firefighters in the U.

S history. Comparison between both Scenarios: The similarities that both of these events (9-1 1 and Pearl Harbor Attack) are that these were both horrific, surprise attacks on American soil that killed and harm a lot of innocent Americans. The day after the attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt described the attack as “a date which will live in infamy”. After the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, many headlines on the newspaper described the attack as “a new day of infamy’. Another similarity s that both of these attacks occurred using the method of air assault.

Also, after both of these horrific attacks, the country entered war While these are the similarities, there are quite some differences. The Pearl Harbor Attack was an attack upon a military instillation by military forces commanded and approved my the government. While on the other hand, 9-1 1 was a terrorist attack against American citizens and a civilian, unarmed and one unprotected military instillation that had no official backing or support by any government. History: General Billy Mitchell was a United States Army general who is garden the father of the Air Force.

General Mitchell served in France during World War and was later appointed to the deputy director of Air Service for the Lignite States Army. Mitchell began advocating for air power and believed that air power would be vital in the future of wars. Mitchell antagonized many people in the Army and Navy with his arguments. Later on, General Billy Mitchell was court-martial and returned to the permanent ranks of a Colonel after criticizing Navy and Army leaders “almost treasonable administration of the national defense”. General Mitchell resigned from the Army after. General Mitchell died on February 1 9th, 1936.

He received many awards and honors following his death. He was also appointed to Major General by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In conclusion, it turned out General Billy Mitchell vision for air power being in future wars was correct. On December 7th, 1941. The Japanese attacked AAU, Hawaii using many aircraft carriers. Because General Mitchell avocations were disregarded, the U. S. Lined up their aircraft wing-tip to wing- tip making easy targets for the Japanese. The Pearl Harbor attack was a tragic and horrific event, it was always be remembered and honored in American history.

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