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Without the revolutionary actions of John Adams the world as we know it today would be quite different. John Adams was born on October 30, 1735, in Massachusetts. Living as an Adams was not an easy thing to do. John had to live up to his family heritage. The Dame’s family was a very prestigious group of people who were well respected and highly educated. Adams was on the right track when he entered into Harvard at the age of 16. HIS great mind could allow him to do anything he put his mind to. Following graduation from Harvard, Adams taught school for a few years at Worcester.

During his time teaching, he thought about what he really wanted to do in life. He made a life changing choice in 1758, deciding he was going to be a lawyer. Adams studied many years law under John Putnam, a very important lawyer in Worcester, becoming a well-educated lawyer. What really stood out for him was his influence as a constitutional lawyer, the study of government power, and his observation and study of historical events. Because of the long years of studying and dedication, he carried with him a great deal of experience and credit going into his political career (Ellis 1).

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The fist instance off revolution was during the Stamp Act of 1765. Without discussing with American legislatures, the British Parliament put taxes on documents produced in London. The Americans protested this act, complaining that it violated their rights as Englishmen. Adams and his town of Brainteaser drew up Instructions and words of wisdom, which were sent to the legislature In Massachusetts. This served as a model for the other communities to speak up to their own legislatures.

In 1765, John Adams wrote anonymously four articles to the Boston Gazette, suggesting hat the ideas his ancestors brought to America as Puritans and the opposition to the Stamp Act had some similarities. Adams knew that this act from the British was not fair for the Inhabitants of America, and he wanted to do something. He explained that the citizens rejected of the Stamp Act because It deprived them of the fundamental rights given to all English. This Included the right to be taxed only with consent of all people and to be tried fairly by a jury of peers.

In December of 1 765, John gave a speech to an important bunch of legislators, calling the Stamp Act unacceptable because Massachusetts had no representation in the government. Adams remarked that there would be no taxation without the representation of his people In government. Obviously, Adams did not agree with the new rules from England (Noel 29). That they would pay the salaries of the Massachusetts Governor and his Judges with payments drawn from customs revenues. This did not sit well with Boston radicals. These radicals asked Adams to explain their frustrations.

He argued that the people of America had never been under control of the Parliament. The original settlers who amen to America had their loyalty only to the king. If the line between Parliamentary sovereignty and the independence of the states were to be crossed, then the colonies would have no choice but to declare independence (Newman 17). Massachusetts chose Adams to send to the first Continental Congress. This Congress was a way to unite America in order to start pulling away from Britain. John wanted complete and total separation from Britain and for America to be a free country.

The Congress urged the different states to write their own constitutions because of the negative actions from Britain. For the next couple of months, the delegates at the Continental Congress deliberated about independence from Britain. They came to a conclusion that they needed a change and were going to start declaring independence. After the discussion was over, Adams was thought to be the catalyst of Independence. Writing against Britain was a very brave and courageous thing to do because if caught everyone involved could be prosecuted for treason (Ellis 1).

During the discussion about the Declaration of Independence, Adams explained that the colonies have the right to be free and each has independent rights for each Tate. He believed this statement very strongly and was going to do anything to gain freedom. While debating at this conference, Adams was appointed to a committee with other influential people such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. They conversed about what should be on the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence was a way of declaring a revolution from Britain.

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