Industrial Revolution Newspaper Editorial Assignment

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My name is Erosion Pike and the year is 1966 and I am a factory worker. I have been working in the factory since I can remember. I do not have family my mother and father both died when was very young so I have had to care for myself. You mustn’t tell anybody but I am against this darn industrial revolution. The life of a factory worker is the worst I know this from experience. All these machines do is kill us or hurt us. I can’t do much with my life, the machines occupy my time and energy for almost 14 hours a day.

We o the same thing over and over again and we never even see the finished product. I’ve seen horrible things in this factory, peoples limbs being detached by those horrid machines. People used to live peaceful lives I’ve heard. Waking up on the farm and having a loving family to raise crops with. Back then the sun was your clock, not these dam bells telling us was what to do down the last second. Get tired of hearing them all day everyday. I had a boss who would beat me with a belt or tools and fling coals at me. Am a human being for crying out loud no stinking animal, I deserve to be treated teeter.

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I get paid almost nothing, barley enough to eat everyday, while the boss is making millions. This is exactly why I anti ever having no kids, they don’t deserve to be living this life. As far as housing goes, used to sleep in the old pits that had no more coal in them. My health is getting worse my eye sight is nearly blind. And the worst thing of all is that cannot read or write and have no time nor money to receive an education. The industrial revolution is no good for any of us. It will kill the earth and all us of on it.

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