Why Did the Industrial Revolution Begin in England Assignment

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Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in England? The Industrial Revolution began in England for many reasons. The first reason was that England had the resources that were needed for industrialization. The second reason is innovation which was helped by the variety and amount of English thinkers and inventors being able to communicate effectively and quickly about their new farming and factory techniques. The third reason was the lack of internal tariffs and the lack of political interference in business.

Geography and resources were an important part of the Industrial Revolution essentially because England had coal which powered machines, iron from which the machines were created and wool which the machines made into thread and then textiles. It also had the resources close to ports and rivers. These waterways cut down on shipping and cost. Also enclosures allowed large farms to operate without any interference of peasant needs.

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With four year rotation of crops each part of the land was allowed to be utilized every year in a different way, new crops provided cheap sources for both humans and animals. With farms creating more food, more people are available for other jobs. Along with that, the new inventions made it so less people were needed on farms and more people were available to work in factories. This was just one way that helped the Industrial Revolution begin in England. Innovation was essential to the Industrial Revolution because of the idea of assembly lines.

This was first used in the textile mills to increase production. Also they had English thinkers and inventors who created the flying shuttle, spinning jenny, water frame, power loom, and cotton gin. Along with these there were the improvements in agriculture which helped support a growing number of city dwellers due to increased harvests. Last but not least is the government. In the 18th and 19th century during the Industrial Revolution parliament did not interfere with the consolidation of land into large farms.

Also England’s freedom in politics and economics, as compared to other countries like France and Germany where businesses are strictly regulated and shipping costs are prohibitive toward industrial development, led to its status as being the first country to industrialize. England had all the necessities to begin the Industrial Revolution. The resources were there, the geography was just right, all the inventions helped, as well as government’s lack of care. These all contributed to the revolution. This is why the Industrial Revolution began in England during the 18th century.

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