Industrial Revolution Era Assignment

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Select one of the first four eras of business history and imagine a business person from that era managing a modern business today. “The Industrial Revolution” The Industrial Revolution was of great importance to the economic development of the United States. It refers to a change from hand and home production to machine and factory. This change led to the expansion of transportation, harnessing of electricity, and efficient improvement to industrial processes.

Analyze the situation and determine what specific challenges the manager would face. During that time, factory owners would profit greatly by using women and children to run the machines as much as fourteen hours a day. These children, by the age of six, were working for next to nothing. Some even got sick and died from either toxic fumes or severe injuries caused by the dangerous machines they were working on. Today, there are laws that protect children from working until they have reached a consenting age.

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Moreover, there are equipment and safety regulations in place to protect them from harmful fumes and prevent injuries. In addition to protecting children, there are also labor laws to prevent other workers from being overworked and underpaid. Recommend at least three things your time traveling manager should consider when managing today’s business workforce. Please be as specific as possible and keep the era from which your manager came in mind. The manager should keep labor laws and safety rules and regulations in mind, first and foremost.

Children should only be working after a certain age and both children and adults can be neither underpaid, nor overworked. During the Industrial Revolution, there was also no effort in keeping employees happy and wanting to work for you. They are who keeps the production running and should be recognized as such. Lastly, there was an overwhelming increase in pollution by nuclear waste, pesticides and other chemicals as a result of the Industrial Revolution.

Moreover, our planets natural resources were being depleted at an alarming rate. There needs to be an effort to create “greener” processes. Boone, L. , ; Kurtz, D. (2011). Contemporary business. (13 ed. , p. 14). Hoboken, NJ: Walsworth Publishing Company. Overview of the industrial revolution. (n. d. ). Retrieved from https://www. msu. edu/user/brownlow/indrev. htm Summary of industrial revolution. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://library. thinkquest. org/4132/info. htm

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