The Changes during the Industrial Revolution Assignment

The Changes during the Industrial Revolution Assignment Words: 251

Industrial Revolution Industrial Revolution The general working conditions in northeastern factories was sad, they was very dangerous and not safe in any way. Corruption and abuse was frequent also in working conditions and very few workers worked their way to poverty, it seemed impossible to so with the way things were going. Workers were doomed to repeat dull repetitive tasks every single day, day after day and there were no labor laws.

Child labor was common and for a worker that was injury red, there was no compensation. Working conditions in the Industrial Revolution were often harsh. Hours were long, typically twelve hours a day. Working conditions were frequently unsafe and lead to death. Everyone worked in a household, even children as young as six years old were working in factories with little pay for very long hours for their families to survive. Children worked about nineteen hours everyday, with only a one-hour break.

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Things didn’t start to improve until the Factory Act 1 833 but in the Factory Act 850 it talks about increasing hours worked by women and children to 1 0 and a half hours a day, but they not allowed to work before am or after pm. Over the course of history jobs have certainly changed and caused us to create many very important inventions, jobs was not as easy and had safe working conditions as today. It is safe to say that working conditions today has much improved and are much safer.

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